Life’s little Updates.

Nothing too exciting going on, but definitely some updates.

My Job situation remains in limbo.  The situation is slightly amusing.
I was offerred the job by the Director of the Emergency Department.  Within days, that Director proceeded to be fired from that position, so as soon as I heard that, I knew that that offer was pretty much not holding water.

It was sort of a surprise, but, apparently it had been a long time coming, and per former employees, a very good thing to happen.  I had personally thought the lady to be a little bizarre, but, Directors of Emergency Deparments are generally not people you see often, as they spend most of their time in meetings.
So, back to 

Square one.
I found out the name of the actual Manager guy and decided on a whim to send him an email.  I was going to follow up with a telephone call, but  within an hour I got an email back.  He sent me a final email telling me we could meet next week to interview.  So…I sent him back the two days I could meet and have heard nothing back.
Initially I felt pretty bad.  I was thinking my old manager was saying something inaccurate about me, so that he wouldn't hire me and I would have to stay at East.  

When I went to class on Tuesday, the educator  informed me his is at one of the SIx Sigma
sessions, and it seems to be driving him crazy.  She told me she was going to mail him and let him know that she wanted me as well, so I am not terribly worried about it.  Probably tomorro I will send a repeat email and maybe follow up with a telephone call. 
It looks  good for a change.   At the same time, I still feel a little anxious.  Since I know I am probably leaving, there is a feeling of detachment from  my colleagues, etc..It's pretty weird.  
Running has essentially be a waste.  I don't know whats going on.  I have lost a lot of base, etc, but I find I am really not at all motivated to get up and run.  my left ankle still needs that surgery so it's painful.  Not running has caused me some confusion in what exactly I am doing. 
Since  I've not really been running much all sorts of other things have happened:
* my house is much much cleaner…
*I groomed the dog today, much to his chagrin, but he looks fabulous.
* I got fish in my tank!!!!  Sadly two died almost immediately, but the danios are having a great time in the huge tank
* I finally sent another letter to Grandma…
I don't quite know what I am going to do about the running.  I am thinking that I am rapidly becoming a non runner.  It's so odd to have all this time that I spent running, or doing running laundry, or preparing to go running.  But perhaps in a few weeks I'll be interested in the running again.
I am studying again for the CEN exam.  (Certified Emergency Nurse).  We are getting some sort of group thing where we can take it on paper at the hospital where we studied.  It's so expensive to take the test that I've been putting it off until I am 100% sure I can pass.  Well, at least now we are having these prep classes.  I seem to be doing well on the questions they ask in the review sessions….I'd love the certification.
Next week I am going to visit my parents and sister for Thanksgiving.  Have not seen some of my family in 2 years so it should be interesting….and cold!  Rhode Island is Cold.  I might even see snow, which is really bizarre. 
And of course I've been working with the local food drive at the gym!  More on that later.

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9 thoughts on “Life’s little Updates.

  1. Wow! Lots going on – good luck with the job and the certification!! And maybe once your ankle isn't bothering you so much that will help with the desire to run again? But in the meantime, YAY for getting so much done. Sorry to hear about the two fishies, but I am glad the others are thriving.

  2. I did finally get an interview! so we will see. I am assuming he will offer that day if at all. Podiatry saw ankle briefly yesterday, he thought it looked odd.

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