I took Teulu to the vet today for his boarding, as I am headed to the parents and also my sisters for the Thanksgiving holiday.

He's been a fairly happy boy since our last visit to the vet.  I am not at all fond of the vet.  She seemed to think that all I do is let  Teulu sleep on the bed…..
rather than running about like a mad man.  (Obviously this is an older shot).
Thankfully he has lost 2 pounds since our last trip and he behaved like an angel, compared to his last two visits.
I hope he has a good time.

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5 thoughts on “Teulu

  1. Awwww! He is so cute snuggled up there on the bed. Looks like he found something tasty to grab there…I hope he has fun too. I hate leaving my animals when I am away, and it is always weird when I have to drop them off the day before – I had to do that this past week. No Moo to snuggle at night was weird.

  2. I hope you have a good trip. We are taking our mutts* with us when we go to Tupelo on Wednesday.
    I've told Chris from the get-go that I don't approve of him letting Darcy jump up on him as a greeting. She doesn't jump up on me very often as I've learned how to side-step her greetings. I'm worried about my 60+ mother-in-law and my 80+ Grandma-in-law. Darcy could knock either one of them over in a heartbeat. Then there are also our nieces aged 4 and 2. Darcy could knock them over just by breathing hard in their direction.
    Enjoy your vacation!!
    *not really mutts….Baron is full-blooded mini-dachsund with papers and Darcy is half German Shephard half Alaskan Husky.

  3. Love that look on the face as he is in bed but I can understand what you mean some vets always assume that your not doing what you should be doing for your pet although they mean well they just pre judge people with only the most love for the animal…. But from you photos and words about Teulu he is looking good what a great dog!

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