Barred Owl

I took a walk with my Mom yesterday and insisted on bringing my old camera.  She wanted no camera as it was an exercise walk, not a camera walk, but I am thrilled I brought it along because this is what we encountered…

  A Barred owl.  it was sitting by a creek, no doubt looking for a meal.
I wished I had had my new camera, but the small one did the job.  I'll be walking with the bigger better one today for sure.

 Some of the equipment our Mennonite Neighbours use.
I'm still learning the Photoshop editing program as well it seems….
but there's the view from the walk.
Of course, I have yet to really get into the D 70, its going to take some serious reading.

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10 thoughts on “Barred Owl

  1. thanks! thats especially why I like the photo, the owl just blended right into the drab surroundings. Pennsylvania in the winter is not very pleasant…or colorful.

  2. What a great capture with the owl!! I hear them in the woods behind my house all the time, but I've yet to actually see any of them! The other photos are excellent as well.

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