Well, I did survive Thanksgiving  after all, above is the Fisherman's Memorial at Point Judith, it inserted itself there by accident!

I flew up to my parents house and had a pretty nice time.  My Mom gave me the new camera and I did a lot of helping her cook and clean up for some guests…
We then left early for the RHode Island Thanksgiving.
having Breakfast here:
As is obvious the weather wasn't good. 
Luckily  I eventually convinced my Dad to let me drive through the yukky part, up through NY, past the Tappan Zee bridge an on to a much tamer parkway.
I hate to admit it but, my parents are not the world's best drivers. 
My Dad, I swear, can not see signs well, and is used to relying on my Mom for navigation.  My Mom, unfortunately is not a good navigator. 
Given that their usual traffic is more like  the photo below:
I can see why that was not exactly their cup of tea.  
Oddly, once I arrived in Rhode Island, I managed to not really get out my camera except for one great trip to the beach with my awesome nephews.
So  the photos you are missing out on are:
*My Brother in Law's 30 pound never frozen Organic Turkey…cooked and uncooked.
*The absoloute Norman Rockwell Scene of the multiple generations spanning from 91 yrs to 4 yrs.
*the washing of the china for 22 people (good lord that took forever)
* my Niece in Laws overly sparkly outfit

Instead you get my Mom  and my nephews.  We were able to escape for about 2 hours on Thanksgiving morning.  
THe Boys were super.  I love them at this age.  M. is much less Brittle and more fun to hang around with at age 6.

Here he is with his test tube of sea water…a natural scientist, his teacher says.
A. is also sporting a test tube, in front of a wrecked lobster trap,  which is one of the main things in this area.
In fact,  many fishermen have lost their lives, causing a Fisherman's memorial to be created:
Clearly, the memorial is more active than some…
Well, I have of course 200 or so photos.  Most are a little artsy, some are of enormous swans, I think I'll be a while in editing these, nost of these images were raw, unedited.

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