Career growing pains.

Whew.  What a Week.  It was exciting, but not really a good kind of exciting!

I went back to work on Sunday which was rather uneventful.  I worked triage which is nice because it's kind of removed from everyone else but the tech with you.  
On Tuesday I found out  with everyone else that my friend Lynn had been fired on Monday.  Admittedly they said the fantastic euphanism  "Moved on from the hospital"  but they knew we knew  and we knew they knew, etc etc.  I know it's sort of a sad thing, but frankly she had become very difficult to work with and was not really promoting the mission of the hospital.  It's hard to admit that about a friend, but the truth will set you free yes?
I also found out that the job at Celebration Hospital had never been a job.  It was one of those myths that are posted.  I had to call Human Resources and complain that I had heard nothing to get that news.  The Human resource gal was extraordinarily apologetic, stating that the Manager did want to hire me but the job didn't exist.  Celebration then offerred me "PRN"  as needed employment.  This rather stinks because that just then means they get you to work for them when they need it.  No Benefits, no paid days off.  I refused.  I mean, the manager didn't bother to call or email. He clearly didn't care that much about me, so.
So.  This week was mostly spent navigating onwards in my career.
I called the local hospital.  I had interview there on November 5th.  At the time the manager told me she had offered the full time days position to another and was waiting to hear back.  She offered me the PRN position.  So, I figured it now being a month later, the position would be filled or not filled.  HR called me then next day and told me (ANd I QUOTE! "The manager has offered the position to someone and is waiting on a reply, but she really wants you PRN"  Well.  That hospital pays less than what I am making now, the only reason to work there is the short commute and the Health insurance bennies.   PRN workers aren't eligible for those.  I told the HR person no thanks.  The lady then acted very surprised, stutterred and said, "Well it's just until after the holidays and something might come open" and actually begged me to keep them in mind.  Clearly the PRN thing is the preferred way to go for Managers these days. They don't have to pay any benefits or commit to the growth and development of that staff person.  It is definitely a sign of the times that things are not really that great with the economy. 
I won't lie. I was really disappointed.  Even though all the hospitals so far have offered to employ me they didn't offer the golden ticket, the Full time employment.  
Oddly, I remembered that there is a 200 bed hospital, owned by my hospital system about 30 minutes from my house.
It's a rather new facility.  I checked and they had 4 positions posted.  I clicked on the apply for this job button and everything started to roll again. 

The above photo is just about what my current job entails every day. 
    I have an interview on Thursday.  I'm sort of hoping against hope that they actually offer me a position that I didn't apply for but I saw posted after I applied.  They initially had just the 4 positions.  But the next day when I was trolling around, I saw a Charge nurse position posted for Days.  I would hope that within their organization they actually are planning on promoting someone and just have to post the position for legal reasons.  On the off chance though that they do want to hire someone in from the outside, I am hoping it's me!  It would mean a pay raise and also a chance to move up a bit, and have the ability to shape the culture of the place I am working a bit more.
I love nursing, but I am getting a little tired of being Staff Nurse sally all the time.  So I am feeling positive again about things.  
I really hope that this job offer comes through even for the staff nurse.  I would be so so humbled if no one wants to hire me!
Nothing else really going on.  Weather is too gray for good photos…I can not run, going back to the MD in 2 weeks. 
TIme is just creeping away on me!  BUt I gotta say my house is getting spectacularly clean….all that time not runnign translated into cleaning things!!!!
Sorry to blather on.  I had to vent out the frustration somewhere.  I hope you at least enjoyed the vintage Nurse pictures as much as I did!!!

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18 thoughts on “Career growing pains.

  1. What kind of nursing does your Daughter do? I should add if I was trying to move out of my speciality I might have an easier time. 🙂 I never ever thought I;d see jobs in nursing tighten up a little. Ah well. I do have a job that isn't terrible, I just hate the commute!

  2. You know, it is ironic that there is still a shortage of nurses and health care positions in many places across the US; yet the hospitals where you are have the attitude that they do.
    Many organizations, not only in health care, are now trying to fill positions with part-time or contract employees so they can minimize other costs (ie benefits etc)
    It was the same with me every time I was in a previous position did not work out- I knew my expertise was in demand- however it was always somewhere else and I had to relocate. I would have been happy to stay where I was, but at the same time wasn't about to "settle" for a less-good of a job because I didn't want to move (or was afraid to).
    Good luck!

  3. She's a labor & delivery nurse, used to be a traveler, but with the economy they shut down a lot of those positions. Now she's a staff nurse.

  4. Karen thats exactly what happened to me too. I worked as a traveler for a while, then last year the positions really died out. I am starting to get calls to travel again, but I love where I live so much. I delivered one baby last year, not really fun for me!

  5. Yes, I was shocked. But I live in a rural area. I could definitely move and get a huge sign on bonus etc. At first I thought it was me, but I have excellent reviews this year etc. so….

  6. Do you want to work at my hospital? Our unit is so short-staffed. We need like three more full time nurses for days and probably four more for night shift. We are only getting busier and another nurse just went to PRN. Aaaggghh! Help please! I promise Long Beach is just as you imagined it (yes, Snoop Dogg went to high school here, big surprise). By the way, where do you live?

  7. Thats nice of your to offer Jane! I'm a Florida Girl. Probably won't ever move again (I used to be a traveler). Plus I'm an Emergency Department nurse so I am a little less flexible than most. Long Beach sounds like it might get cold. Long Beach NY? Or California? Well Thursday is coming…THanks for reading!!!

  8. Hope it all settles out well! The PRN thing sounds a bit like my field, where instead of offering tenure track professor positions, they just hire adjuncts, who get paid less and get no benefits. Hope a good solid position close to home is headed your way.

  9. I couldn't believe that hospitals offer PRN positions but are not ready to offer fulltime positions. It is sad that the economy makes everyone think short-term. Hope you are able to find a position that you want soon. I loved the pictures of the nurses that you have posted – especially that of nurse at the helm and staff nurse Sally 🙂

  10. My Vox blog is not yet operational, Katie. I have a book blog, where I write about books. If you like you can have a look at it here. I am hoping to have my Vox blog up and running soon. Will send you a message as soon as it is up.

  11. Oy careers are definitely a tough thing these days. My fingers are crossed that the perfect thing comes along for you! I am glad you at least like where you are living, that always helps! I know it keeps me going.

  12. It's been a super long time since I've been on Vox! Several months really. About your job…. I'm wondering if it's all the uncertainty about where health care is going that is making your industry hesitate to commit to full-time employees with benefits etc. Employers right now have no idea how things are going to work out with taxes, health insurance increases etc. It's hard to plan in an environment like that.

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