gray weather=bad photos

Since I returned to Florida, it seems the weather has not cooperated with my photographic aspirations.

While blue skies peek through, but for the most part we have had a lot of rain and gray skies.   This is our dry season so it's been a bit odd.  
I've been out walking with the dog and hoping for good photos.  The most irritating thing is that I've been seeing some new birds, rather than the same old herons and cranes.  And all the pictures I have of them are horrific!!!
Grainy  and noise filled.  Not enough light. 
ah well here are some of them.
This is an Anhinga.   It's also known as a Snake bird.  It does not have the oils on its feathers to help keep feather dry, so it's often photographed drying its wings. It's called a snake bird because when it swims its totally under water except for its head, and it looks like a snake….
It's supposedly a common bird here in Florida, but this was the first time I had seen one.  and that photo just isn't that great…
Onwards to the next gray weather travesty.
Turtle.  It's totally out of focus, and would have been such a fun shot.  This may be less the gray weather and more my learning of the new camera, but I'm blaming it on the weather!!!
and the worst is my Osprey.  I drove up to the Hospital where I have an interview at this week, and since it is beside a lake, I took my camera.  
I found an Osprey perched on a light pole at the hospital itself.  
Just look at how horrid and grainy the photo is.    It's like Newsprint….
and then the Osprey did this odd thing….
I think it was thinking of flying away, but it didn't  It just eventually tucked the wing up…
Just horrid light.
Well… started out raining AGAIN, so I gave up and decided to post these anyway as examples of what not to do……
good gracious.  I have a feeling as soon as the skies clear up, the interesting birds will disappear!!!

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11 thoughts on “gray weather=bad photos

  1. I agree that good light really makes a photo and bad light can "mess things up". I love ospreys. We see them from time to time around here but saw them all of the time when we lived in Maryland. They're cool birds.

  2. I love these! The grays are incredible! Whenever I see the photos Vox bloggers post up, I am embarrassed by the ones I put up. I think I better stick to writing.

  3. The Hnhinga is beautiful! Have never heard of it before. I liked the last picture of the Osprey very much! It doesn't look too big, but its wing is so huge!

  4. I agree…aside from the out-of focus turtle (which I have a terrible time with – focusing – in grey weather)…I think they are all really good. You know…grain is considered an artistic thing when done well like in these sort of mono-chormatic photos. 🙂

  5. If its grey play with the B&W settings or other post processing tricks. It can all be for learning even if the conditions are not perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  6. do NOT be so hard on yourself — many of them are great pix! that thing you call graininess is interesting since it's a digital camera … i wonder how that happened. but it doesn't distract; it's kinda cool, imo. i miss seeing grain in pix now that we almost all shoot digital. plus, i love seeing the wildlife there, since it's so unlike where i live. and you catch some wonderful creatures. that Osprey wing — hey, maybe he/she just needed a good yoga stretch!?! : )

  7. I live by Wetlands preserve and every time we go running there we see all kinds of different birds and marsh creatures. We always forget our camera. Plus, we don't know enough about birds to even know what we are looking at. I liked the little bits of information that came with each picture. Snake bird….neato.

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