updates…mean girls and ankles

Oddly I woke this morning to dense dense fog.  The entire town has disappeared.  Amazing.

So life's little updates.
I interviewed last thursday.   It was a long process and completely unexpected!  The firs tthing that happened when I came in is that the HR officer pulled up an internet test for Emergency room Nurses and told me to take it!
I was a little freaked out.  But luckily I have been going to the Study group to become a certified Emergency Nurse, so I had reviewed a lot of the questions.  Some of the questions were so so basic.  "What is a Slit lamp used to examine"  (It's eyes and only eyes, and anyone working in an Emergency dept would know that).  and others were a little more complicated regarding EKG interpretation, location of heart damage, and medications.  So it was a roller coaster test.  I got a 92.  Apparently I don't know what medicine precipitates in D5W.  I usually mix stuff in Saline, sooo, I STILL don't know which medication precipitates in D5W. (Don't be scared folks, I look stuff up before I mix it, thats why we have a reference book!)
After that I had to interview with HR.  It became apparent to me that she is not a nurse, and had not any idea of what a regular Emergency Department day is like.  She was, however, friendly and I enjoyed meeting her.
They then sent me down to speak with the Manager who was a nice lady.  We had a short conversation, discussed uniforms and patient nurse ratios, and what I expected from management. She did not give me a tour of the department which is a bit odd, but having been a traveler, I can work anywhere.  I saw a little of it, and it looks very typical. The volume there is really lower than ours. they see about 130 patients daily.  We see about 220.  of course we have more beds and staff.  
On Friday, they called and offered me a job.  I was, unfortunately, involved in some horrific traffic, and did not answer the phone.  I then went to a variety of MD appointments.  When I called back, she was not at her desk.  Soooo, I am now awaiting her to return my call.  
I will probably take the job.   Right before my interview, they had several meetings of the Asst Nurse Managers at my current job.  During that time, they used one particular Nurse as a replacement Charge.  She is a COMPLETE IDIOT.  She has a face like a classic Madonna, very beautiful.  She is however, inexperienced as a Nurse, and also very mean.   An example of this would be: After meeting a friend who has a physical deformity at a party,  she made the comment to my friend, "Dont bring that retarded guy to the Christmas party because he's weird"  (This is coming from an Adult….not a 5 yr old).

She's  sort of a classic "Mean girl"  pretty, not too bright, but skilled at playing the game.  She's grasping and she has really sort of irritated me.  
Partly because I am a jealous sort.  I am just not that pretty and I don't "Play the game" too well….and while I might not have wanted the job, I don't want to be taking direction from someone who has to ask me for help with  a variety of procedures, and is spending more time trying to have affairs with our one sleazy MD.  If she were smart and well liked by the staff, I think I would still be jealous, but would understand, but as I see it, it's a  train headed for disaster.
So just with that in mind…. I think no matter what they offer me, It shall be better.  
It's 9:37 ad I haven't heard back, but it's monday so I am going to give the lady at least an hour to get her monday settled and then call back.
Other than that…. My left ankle is totally messed up. Looks like my achilles is/was partially torn and is trying to heal. MD put me on a steroid dose pack and signed me up for PT but told me that he expects that I will need surgery anyway.  My goal is to get through the next 4-6 months and then have the surgery.  It's 4-6 weeks on crutches, soooo, I would have to figure something out as my job doesn't really have a position for nurse on crutches….
the ankle area does hurt.  I'm hoping the steroid and the Iontophoresis (whatever that does I'll find out) helps a lot, but no running for a long time.
Other news:
  A friend of mine from South Africa is coming to Florida for the entire Month of February!!!!  He is going to a conference, but decided to come early for the Space Shuttle Lauch and maybe to run a Marathon, which I was scheduled to run but clearly can't!  I might coerce him into volunteering with me at the Marathon since another of my friends is coming from Utah to run it still…
This is giving me some incentive to finally get my apartment fully unpacked and put up all the art I have on the walls etc….  which is nice.  
Woweee, if you read all this I am amazed.
Not a very interesting blog post, but then again, I dont have much to say!

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6 thoughts on “updates…mean girls and ankles

  1. I hope you get your phone call soon. Being in job limbo sucks.Sorry about your ankle. I hope surgery clears the issue up and you are back to running as soon as the doctor clears you.Cool about friends coming to visit and all the way from Utah and South Africa! Doubly awesome!

  2. Why are mean women drawn to nursing? Mr FD's sister is a nurse and she is always upset by how mean and nasty some of the nurses are – and horrible to their patients. Is it a power trip on the vulnerable? I would suugest not doing the job if they hate people that much!
    Good luck on the job!

  3. I think most nurses aren't prepared for how much "crap" literally and figuratively they have to deal with. Thus they do become somewhat mean. I never really understand it though because I really like meeting my patients, they are really interesting people for the most part.

  4. Are you coming to visit too? Oh Man! My house is going to have to expand! I've been to Africa, but never SA, and I think it's probably one of the most beautiful places on earth….

  5. Wow – busy gal! I am sorry your ankle is hurting so much…I have tendonitis in my right ankle and have been told by many that it would have been better to just tear it, have the surgery and then it would heal better. LOL I am not so sure I beleive them though after reading about yours. I hope you can work out a decent time to have the surgery and that it will heal up fast, then.

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