New Car Technology

    This morning, I went to get my camera out of the car, and discovered that my car was locked tight and I had no idea where the Key was.  

This happens to me regularly.  I even once went through an entire Wal-Mart trash can (eeeeeewwwww) to discover I had left the key in a pocket of a shirt I had considered buying.  
My solution is usually, believe it or not, to pray about it.  God, or the focus, usually leads me to recalling where my key can be found.  
Today I could not find the key in any of the regular places.  I looked in the couch (Found 5 ball points) emptied a box, and discovered multiple things I had been wanting (my dresser scarf, some hair items, a matching shoe for a lone shoe…)  but no key.
FInally in desperation, I called the dealer.  I had only gotten one key when I bought the car and that seemed odd.  Turns out a new key for the Toyota Prius costs between 175.00 and 200.00
Well.  Not only that, they have to order it, and then program the car again to get it to work.  And there is a charge for programming the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of this would take a few weeks.  During which time I would probably have to rent a car.  
Back in the day, one could call a locksmith, and get a key cut to open and drive the car for like, oh, 20.00, and the service call would be about 75.00  So around the same, except that the locksmith person usually would come out that day and have you on your way in a few hours.  Rather than weeks!!!!
After talking rather irately to the manager of the dealership about why did I have no key….I found my key.  In a pile of Christmas cards.  
I called him right away and told him I still wanted the second key.  He said it had been delivered to me.  He suggested I look deeply into the glove box.  I said, OK.  
Oddly, my second key was deeply deeply embedded in the glove box. I am a little embarrassed, but at least I told the guy Thank you in a fairly nice way.  
I am really in LOVE with my Prius.  I like it so so much.  BUt I have to say I am not sure the electronic key system is that much of a blessing considering how much hassle it is.
(BUT!  I now have my second key, safely in my home, in case I ever do get stupid enough to misplace my key again.)
It's a funny thing how technology is supposed to make life easier, but it never really seems to, instead I have more and more complications!

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5 thoughts on “New Car Technology

  1. It's going to cost me $300 to get a new key (with the little lock/unlock buttons) for my Scion. And since I'm broke, right now I have the spare key, which I actually have to put in the lock and turn. It feels so old school.

  2. It is such a scam now when you only get one key for the car and it is not rocket science to program them but you would think it by the price they charge to do it… they make the cars more and more throw away anymore just a shame

  3. this just happened to me. i didn't find the key though! thankfully my car is such an old crappy one it didn't use a fancy key and the locksmith did make one for us. it cost 80, still way too expensive for me. glad you found your key! i need to get a second one made before i lose this one….sigh.

  4. It was quite interesting to read your post. Glad to know that you finally discovered both your car keys. Sometimes technology doesn't seem to the nice thing that it is meant to be and one keeps yearning for the old-fashioned ways at times.

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