Employment Blues

 Well,  Today marks the day that I begin 

pulling my hair out.
   This entire day has been so so messed up . In addition to the below time line, I started a multi dose pack of prednisone.  One of the side effect is that it can make a person jittery and irritable.  Good timing. 
09:15  I call FHW and accept position.
10:00  I tell My Directors Secretary that I am resigning, as I can not find director.
10:30  I go and purchase 2 new pairs of scrubs since I can only wear Navy blue at my new job.
12:30  I send my Letter of Resignation email to my Director.  It was a nice letter.  Date Jan 17. 
13:30  I get a phone call from FHW telling me that due to "restructuring"  they were pulling the job the offered and 
          offering me nights. 
I proceed to gasp for air.  Finally I said that I needed to talk to the actual Manager.  
14:10   Actual manager calls back.  very nice, states she is not sure how long I may remain on nights.  Tells me how  
           nice she believes the night shift to be.  
I remain really angry and in a state of Shock.
14:20 I take the dog for a walk.  I think and I try to figure out what I am going to do.  
15:30 I come home, and make a few quick phone calls.  I call the local hospital, hoping that at the very least they have a nights position open.  I mean, if I am going to work nights it would help to have the job be only 2.7 miles away.
15:45: I speak to Health Central.  They confirm they do have days available.  
16:11 I am drinking Coffee and wondering what I should do. 
Nights really isn't that bad for 3-4 months.  I feel like I might have my best opportunity to move up at FH-Waterman.  On the other hand, If I am going to do nights, the lure of doing a night shift, walking across the parking lot to the gym and swimming, and then going to bed is very appealing…
and then well, there is a day shift at Health Central, still don't know too much about the place, except that Tiger Woods and his MIL were treated there recently….
I'm not going to rescind my resignation.  I'm ready for something new, but I am just amazed at how things are turning out.  Plus the prednisone is making me so so jittery and emotional it's rather difficult for me to think at all clearly.
At least I really did need new scrubs.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they look tomorrow.  

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12 thoughts on “Employment Blues

  1. yeah, I'm still in shock. The Manager has to move all the Mid Shift people to days or nights right now, so…. I am hoping against hope that some of them just quit instead of switching. Unlikely though.

  2. ugh! It's never fun to have employment issues but around the Holidays those issues just feel so much bigger than they probably are.I hope the prednisone has you feeling better quickly and the job situation settles in all nice and pleasant.

  3. so far, the prednisone has me feeling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest….And the job situation, well, I get to suck it up and deal. At least I will get the night shift differential….

  4. LOL! Thankfully, I do! I bought them and then tried them on, and I was surprised- they really fit well. They have these new styles….and definitely they are a bit more flattering than some…. though I will have to get used to one of the tops feeling like it is advertising the size of my er, chest.

  5. Yes, Trish, I think you are probably right. I have this sensation that this is a catastrophe, when in truth, 75% of the time I was a traveler, I worked either a mid shift or a night shift and I did OK with it.

  6. Wow…I am such a "planner" that I could never do what you do. Between the crazienss of the job in general and the shifts and changing staff and such…I like stability and sameness. LOL
    However, even though they are not ideal, it sounds like you have some good options still, so hang in there! And hopefully your body will adjust to the prednisone soon.
    I have a totally off the wall question, but my only experience with prednisone was with my dog…does it make people thirsty too?

  7. Yes, Anne, it does seem to make me thirsty too. I think it reacts very similarly as the dogs. lucky me, it is only a 6 day course… may actually be working…amazing.

  8. Ugh, new jobs. It is different when you do a traveler position as night's, because you know it is temporary. As a staff nurse, definately scarier. The same thing happened to me. I was hired for nights, and was on days before orientation was over. Good luck to you. Everything always turns out, even if it isn't how you thought it would be.

  9. Sorry – didn't mean to get too personal there. 🙂 I am glad it seems to be working and isn't long term. At least it seems to be helping, rather than ust being annoying.

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