Pre-CHristmas Update.

 Nothing overly Earth Shattering.

I start my new job on January 25th.  I am not very excited.  I am trying to be.  At least 5 day shift nurses are leaving the Hospital I am leaving.  The Director really has not spoken to me about this, but he does have to do an exit interview.  I do hear he has to somehow answer for why everyone is leaving the department, while thats nice to know, it doesn't help my situation!
I *AM* excited to be leaving East.  It has been a great place to make friend and work, but over time, they have allowed the mix of experienced nurses to new nurses to become lopsided, and for some reason they have decided to promote some of the newest nurses to "managing" roles.  No one really knows why.  Well, someone knows why, but they aren't really telling.  
I'm not really excited about going to a unknown length of time for night shift. 

Looking at the bright side:  I get a huge differential for working nights, so I will be making quite a bit more money.  I will be in a new environment, which hopefully will be a little more logical.  On occasion, doing the night thing has led to huge weight loss.  I've gained a few unintended pounds and have found it hard to work them off….so who knows.
and the brightest thing, I do have a job. 
                                                                                               My tendon, ankle thingy.  I just finished a prednisone pack on Monday.  My ankle is not completely healed up,but it does feel better.  I am able to tolerate walking for somewhat longer without major pain.  I'm encouraged by this.  I'm doing a lot of swimming (40-45 min daily) and am hoping that maybe by February I can start jogging a little.  I plan to actually use the Couch to 5K plan  as a way to get back into it.  It's a great plan for non runners to start running.  And by that time I'll be a true non runner!
Not being able to run has been very unusual.  I admit it has given me more time to socialize and indulge in my photography, and also to clean my home. 
Last weekend, I put up a small sign in the employee bathroom about dinner, then I put up an invite on Facebook, and wildly, 17 people showed up.  I had expected about 4.  It was really fun.
But I admit, I still rather miss running, so I am hopeful the ankle keeps improving.  It would also be nice to be able to walk for an hour with the dog without pain.
The Dog is doing great.
He seems to have received more CHristmas gifts than I did!
Here he is pictured with the peppermint scented Holiday "Lightbulb"  from LLBeans.  He loves it.  
He has continued to become a better behaved dog over the past few weeks. Maybe he knows about Santa.  Or maybe he is getting enough exercise.  I'm not sure.
I hope he will adjust to me being gone at night.  I have a feeling he won't care a bit either way, as long as he gets fed and walked periodically.
Family news: I finally convinced my Mom to agree to come to Florida for a Vacation!  I'm taking her to do some birding and photographing.  She is more talented than I am and can teach me some cool stuff!
Most importantly, I will get to spend some quality time with her doing something we both enjoy.  She isn't that old, but then again, she isn't that young either.  I'm trying to convince her to go to the Everglades, but she seems set on some smaller locations.  At any rate, I am really looking forward it! We'll be going the week before I start my new job!
I'm starting to think of New Year Resolutions.  But I'm not sure what they will be….
Hope you all have a nice Holiday.  I will be stuffing my face at work.

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6 thoughts on “Pre-CHristmas Update.

  1. That is great that your mom is coming to visit! And give Teulu a pat on the head for me and tell him "good boy". LOL I am glad he is behaving better…I know Moo sure does when I take extra time to get her exercised. And I hope you end up just loving your new job! I know the hours are tough, but hopefully you will have a good team you work with (and extra money is always a good motivator for a little while, anyway!). πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas to you!!! I know I am grateful for those in your field who are working over the holidays.

  2. A tired dog is a happy dog. πŸ™‚ I'm glad that Teulu is behaving better. Part of it could just be his getting older. We found that after a certain age with our dogs they got really good as far as behavior goes. Now they're working on problem solving!Good luck with the start of your new job. I hope that once you get settled in the schedule won't be too bad for you and that an opportunity to move to a different shift will present itself.

  3. Sounds like things are looking better for you and sounds like you had a lot of convincing to do to get your mom to come parents can be a bit hard to get them to do something fun at times but hopefully your job will be very good to you and love that you had an over abundant amount of guest the more the better is always the way to have it! Love the Night Nurse Comic Cover…. Hope we still get to see more like all those great photos you have been taking or will getting back to work and hopefully getting back into running (sooner then later) will it eat up all your time??Have a Great Holiday and enjoy your new years eve, I would say be good but have fun is much better!

  4. Wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy your new job. Wish you all the best! Hope that you can also move into the day shift in your new job soon. I liked the 'Night Nurse' cover πŸ™‚ Your dog is also quite handsome! What is his name?

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