“As Seen on TV”

I had a fairly nice Holiday. 

Actually that is a complete lie.  I did not enjoy my Christmas Day at all. I had patients who were literally Psychotic.  Carolers came, at the typical worst moment.   I was unable to eat my lunch until it was very very cold, and I put waaay too much butter in my potato casserole.  Who knew one could have too much butter? I had an argument with a Physician who is a jerk, and also sort of had some issues with the Charge RN who is not exactly a princess either. 
THe day after Christmas I had a Migraine, and ended up at the Urgent care with intractable vomiting.  Yuck.  The Urgent care though, did make me feel much better with Imitrex .  Thank goodness I dont get the bad headaches all that often.
Now back to my Nice holiday.  The whole holiday season was alright.  I enjoyed the Music on the radio and all the hustle and bustle.  I received some gifts this year that were definitely from Info-mercials.  Now,  I never order anything off an infomercial or even off of QVC etc.  I have been tempted on occasion, so I was keen to try both of these items.
    The first one I received was from my Secret Santa at work.  It was a "counter Cook"  Kitchen chopper.  A very very small, food processor.  I looked it up on the Internet and couldn't find the brand name…..
This is from Black and Decker but very similar to the chopper I received.  I had seen this sort of thing advertised on television and I really wanted to try it because it looked great.  So….How does it work?  Well.  I think the small size is great, but it is very very difficult to use.  All of the pieces lock in tight so that there is no risk of chopping off fingers.  I appreciate this safety feature, but I would appreciate not having to be the hulk to snap and unsnap the pieces!  But, how does it chop?
Well, I've used it for onions.  It does chop ok, but it tends to not just dice up the veggies, it tends to pulverize them.  
I'm going to keep using it, but I am glad I got it as a gift.  If looking for a small ktichen counter chopper…I'd go for something a little more high end, still very reasonably priced….
this one.
It is Cuisinart,  It holds a little more with 4 cups, and has the two settings, chop and grind.   It's about 39.00 via the internet. 
So, as far as being as perfect as the TV commercials led me to believe, this was a huge let down!  But still a useful item.
The Second "As Seen on TV" Item I received was from  my Mom.  It is a "fur glove"  
We see this on television as a great grooming aid for furry animals.  It usually shows a large amount of fur coming off the dog or even a long haired cat.  Since Teulu is not exactly a fan of being groomed,  and he does have a fair bit of hair…I was intrigued.
Does it do the trick?   Alas No,  I found he really enjoyed being petted with or without the glove, but the glove seemed to pick up about 6 hairs, mostly it seems due to static electricity.  
Instead of the glove, I recommend  a regular steel toothed comb.  On the up side, Teulu really rather loves to play with the glove as a toy!
So as far as "As seen on TV"  I'm not really a total fan.  So far the products I got don't really live up to the full promises… but….they were gifts.  I find after this I'm rather less tempted by the Infomercials!!!!!

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9 thoughts on ““As Seen on TV”

  1. Your dog is gorgeous! The only thing I have bought from TV is a compilation CD set which was actually quite good – but then it did exactly what it promised to do.
    Your Christmas day sounds pretty awful.

  2. Every once in a while I am like you and am tempted to get some infomercial item, but usually refrain. However, I did learn a little while back that the face care products that I use originally were sold exclusively on QVC which made me laugh a little (Nordstrom is the only place I know of that carries it – philosophy). They still roll out all their new products and such via QVC. LOL

  3. Yipes, sorry to hear about the not so good parts. Though it seems like we ended up with at least one gift in common– my MiL gave us a "magic bullet," the as seen on tv version. I haven't tried it out yet, though….

  4. Well that is two of us who did not have a great Christmas Day. I guess things could have been worse….
    The only things we have ever bought off TVcommercials are music CDs. The problem is that once you get the one you want that they keep sending them and even when you contact them to stop another 3 arrive before they do stop.

  5. Some times it is like that around Christmas when everything that can go wrong will taxing ones patients and nerves all starting from something that beyond once control……. Hope the New Year Brings you more smiles then headaches… also love the TV presents you never know how things will work out until you get it home. And they you find out if it is a win loose or if only I had got the next size bigger! Hope at least your new year is one that brings you better times!

  6. I don't know. Was I supposed to be laughing through this entire post? Was that rude? Psychotic patients, rude doctors, infomercial gifts…I don't know, it was just hilarious. Thanks for sharing! And bless you wonderful health care workers who give up your holidays and weekends to take care of business, because babies don't wait! P.S. I got a new grandbaby today!

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