RIP BobCat

Bob Cat was a Kitty of my Mom and Dad's.  He was pretty special.  One of my Mother's cats had died.  She was overly attached to that cat, and was inconsolable.  I mean, she was really really quite miserable about the Kitty.

So, with perfect timing…someone threw Bob out on to the driveway and sped off. Bob was a wee bitty kitty, with almost no teeth.  Well, of course my Mom was smitten immediately.
And after Bob came a variety of other cats into her life.  We started to worry that she might become a crazy Cat lady. 
Bob had a way of making everyone like him, even my Dad who was never a cat person….
He was a fairly tolerant cat, and allowed my young nephews to "pat" him with some force, rewarding them with a huge tractor-like purr.  
Bob was definitely getting on in years.  He was 18 years old when he died last night.  He had become rather stiff, and preferred to spend  a great deal of his time sleeping near the wood stove….
I'm sad that Bob won't be a part of our lives anymore.  He did, however, live a very nice long life, with other cat companions are some very caring human ones as well.
I love how much pets can enhance our lives when we let them.
SO hug your pets today….they love you lots!

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12 thoughts on “RIP BobCat

  1. 18 years is pretty amazing for a cat… looks like he was a really cute kitty too, it's so sad when pets die. Hope your mum is dealing with it ok.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I'm sure he knows that he was well loved during his time in your family. It sounds like he came along at the right time too. It's neat how we find animals and they find us.

  3. I think 'rescued' pets know that they are special and 'chosen'. I bet BobCat knew he had found a special home when he was thrown onto your driveway and he met your Mom. RIP BobCat.

  4. Aww that made me cry…I am sorry to hear about Bob, but am glad to know he had such a comfortable, happy life. I hope your mom is doing ok with it (and you and the rest of your family too!)

  5. So sorry to hear that Katie. Bob must have been a big part of your life and your mom's life and hope both of you are recovering from the loss. Thanks for posting Bob's pictures – I loved all of them, especially the last one. I also liked your description of his 'tractor-like purr'. If you do have a recording of his 'tractor-like purr' please do post it – it would be nice to hear that.

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