My Neglected little Blog

    I've been thinking about blogging, I have a TON of photos from my Vacation with my Mom

BUt  I really have been so so stressed out that I have not had any time.
     I started my job on Monday the 25th.  The entire week was completing forms, watching videos, and learning the new computer charting system.
     I made the right choice in moving to this hospital, I think.  It is definitely "behind"  the Hospital I came from and YEARS behind Duke where I came from long ago.  The positive part of that is that I can look smart and make suggestions for things I know work… 
Tomorro I start work in the Emergency Department.  I feel like the place is confusing and a little chaotic.  I always feel that way though when I start at a new place.  Hopefully by the end of this first week I will "get it"
TO add to my Stress, I have a friend coming on Saturday from South Africa for an entire month.  I imitially thought he would spend about a week with me, a week with his friends in Tampa and a week with his friends in Miami, and then come back to Orlando for a conference.  Well.  It seems that he really is planning on spending a lot of time here.  Even though I repeatedly explained that I was working and that my work schedule was inflexible, I don;t think he got it until I sent him the schedule.  He doesn't seem to have enough cash to rent a car, which would make me feel much better.  RIght now I feel like an unpaid driver.  I want to be a good hostess, but right now I think I am finding it a bit hard.  I don't know him that well, and so I feel a wee bit used and frustrated.  still, hopefully when he arrives we can make a plan for some fun for both of us….
   I feel right now that so much of my time is being spent preparing for guests or work that I have little time to myself.  
I will eventually get the photos up.  some were really nice….
I just want to get some rest people Please!

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9 thoughts on “My Neglected little Blog

  1. Hopefully once your friend is here you can work out some sort of schedule or figure out some other transportation method for him so you aren't so tapped out. A month is a long time, especially if you weren't already planning for it.
    I am glad you are happy with your change of hospitals! It sounds like things are going well there so far.

  2. Love the two photos and would really love to know you are taking good care of yourself some times we feel like we have to get so many things done but the most important thing to do is to take it easy at times so will love to see you pictures when you get the time and feel settled back in life to post them

  3. Fantastic photos. You have a talent behind a lens!And I agree with FD. He's understood your work schedule, maybe next send him a bus or train schedule. Job done.

  4. Public transport out in the middle of the Orange Groves? We really don't have it, which is the bigger issue. If he could just take the bus or the train. To be fair, when he asked if he could stay with me, I told him I lived 35 miles from his conference site and that it might be difficult for him. But either way we shall all figure it out and muddle through and I think I shall be glad when March comes, and I shall get back to sleeping, and the gym!

  5. A month is a really long time with someone that you don't know very well! You might be relieved to be heading out the door to work. Fantastic capture of the wing feathers on that bottom bird.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Glad to know that you are liking your new hospital though it is early days yet. Though from your post, things seem to be a bit behind in your new hospital, maybe you can help and take it to the next level. Sorry to know that your friend is coming and staying at your place for a month. Hope it passes by pleasantly and it is not as tough as it seems. Maybe as Flamingo Dancer and PeteGraham have already said, you can give him the bus schedule too.

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