Snowed in?

I'm amazed at all the snow that the Mid-Atlantic States is getting.  My Mom and Dad apparently are having some trouble opening doors to their home.  Others are telling me that they can't wait for their dogs and or kids to experience this massive "frosting" of the white stuff.  I find it amazing that Boston and parts North weren't really included in this.

Anyway… for those of you in the winter Doldrums I'm providing you some photos:
Just think of warm beaches, you have toes in the sand….
Watching the Sanderlings play on the beach…
Watching the Ghost crabs skitter along the beach- IF you can see them.  Here's a close up he obliged me with, but his "henna tattoo" ghostly appearance makes him hard to spot:
It's amazing to me the patterns that nature can make.
Here is My mom capturing some shots:
and the sunset…
Hang in there with the winter weather Folks.
And I am sooo excited!  We are off to the Shuttle launch tomorro morning!!!  I hope my camera can capture it!

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9 thoughts on “Snowed in?

  1. Beautiful shots – especially the sunset with those reflections is gorgeous. Yeah, the doors not opening is a bit scary. I can at least go out the back once I'm ready to trudge all the way around carrying the shovel. I wish I had cleared it near my door last night!! There might be another 7-9 inches against it by the end of the day.

  2. Those are lovely! I really like the crab photos – so cool. You are getting really good with that camera. I hope the shuttle launch was fun!

  3. Nice to see someplace warm and unsnowy– we didn't bear the brunt of it in Richmond, but we still got about 8" with a layer of rain in the middle, so it's awfully slick out there.

  4. Wow great photos you can really loose time when you go out to shoot some pictures!And with all those other people being snowed in for the first time I can just image how excited and frightened they are at this pile of white stuff covering there world!Keep up the great photo taking you have a great eye

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