Catch up January Vacation with Mom!

Things have been really hectic lately…first my Mom's visit, then the new job starting, then my Houseguest from hell, I feel I have barely had time to breathe.

Today is the first day off where I didn't have to be anywhere in particular.  It has been wonderful!  So I am going to try to catch up on my blogging.
I've got to post these photos, and then some photos of St Augustine,  Photos from the Space Center, and also photos from the Great Backyard Bird watch.  
But for today I think I am going to post up the birding highlights from my Trip with my Mom….
She really got the better photos, but I still enjoyed myself entirely.  I also enjoyed watching her work!  She has better concentration than I do, as well as a better ability to tell if she has gotten the shot she wants.
But Mine aren't too bad…
Over the week we saw a wide variety of birds. Starting with the surprise of a Great Horned Owl, nesting at the visitor center of Fort Matanzas.  This is the female, the male was actually about 1-2 trees up higher watching over the whole thing.
I returned there this past week and found she had hatched one Owl-let.
I don't have any photos of that unfortunately, as it was very cold and pouring rain,  and the owls were a bit huddled in the nest.  
After Ft Matanzas we did a trip to the beach.
Hence the starfish.  One odd thing to me was that there were relatively few birds on the beach.  The more I thought about it though, birds tend to like to live where there are places to roost and the beach doesn't offer that many…
We did get to see the Sanderlings and other plover-y type birds which are really amusing as they run from the waves.
They seem to each have a different personality, but I'm not sure about that entirely, it may just be that their characteristic behavior is seen as quirky by us humans!
Close to the Beach we saw some pelicans.
I have really struggled with photographing Pelicans.  They are large birds, so I thought it would be no problem, but they are so awkward, that I have had issues…
After about 300 shots, I came up with these three that I like.
I have actually improved my pelican technique a bit more but I still like these.
This is a photo of some of the Live oak trees here in FLorida.  I just love how they grow into the best climbing trees ever!
the end of the day at Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve.  A hidden treasure of Florida.  Overshadowed by the Everglades, but just perfect for a day of photography.
In the end, I think my Mom and I had  a great time!  Looking through my photos though, I am not so sure.  The ones I took more recently seem to be better…..
But…I thought these were nicer to look at than my complaining rant about houseguests.

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4 thoughts on “Catch up January Vacation with Mom!

  1. Great photos there I always found taking photos with others gives one a way to look through others eyes in how they take there photos and such a great time to spend with your mom!Some really great shot hope it was some really great memories too

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