Ahhh running.

It has been forever since I wrote about running.
It has been several months since I have actually been running.
In February I started to jog/walk a bit.  My left achilles still hurts and is very tight, but essentially unless i have a surgery this will be the way it is.
I did  add some heel lifts into my running shoes and this seemed to help a bit.
Lifts in general are not really good for the feet, as they can cause tendon shortening and such.  After my first use I decided that they improved things for me so much that this was a minor detail.  The fact is that my left tendon is already considerably shorter than it was, so I don't think I am doing any extra damage.
I have started out really slowly…
running about a quarter of a mile and then walking and then running again.
It has not been so easy.
I have really lost a ton of fitness.
But it has been more fun than I expected.  Because I have been going so slowly, I take the dog with me and he of course is exhausted after, making my entire day easier.
Now, toward the end of the month, I am finding that the dog is not really keeping up well with me on the two mile run/walks.  He does well for the first mile, but for the second mile, I am tugging a bit on the leash and have to use a lot of breath to encourage him.  As a retriever, he is really more programmed to have short bursts of speed…not ongoing trotting.  But I do think he is somewhat out of condition himself!!!
I knew I missed the running and the movement etc…but I had forgotten one other thing I love about running.  
This morning I ran by another runner and he broke out into a big smile and said good morning…I replied in the same manner.  It is like being part of a big secret club….in this one thing we understand each other perfectly.  For some reason, swimmers where I swim rarely greet strangers….so I do think runners are the more friendly of the bunch.
So I'm thinking that running really can make a person happy.
I dont have any specific training plans at this time.  But I am happy to be moving…..

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9 thoughts on “running

  1. I always think athletes are in "better shape" than the rest of the population, but injuries are indeed so common. That includes my son, and the players he coaches.

  2. This past week I have really been stuggling with going out and running. I think after that 1/2 I did I'm sort of run out..But this is inspiring.
    And you absolutely right about the secret runners club! It's like a little support group đŸ™‚

  3. Every time I try to start running, I can get up to maybe 1/2 a mile to 1 mile MAX and then I'm just wiped out. Even after doing it for months, 2-3 times a week. It's very frustrating but I think some people are just better suited for running than others.

  4. My husband and I wave at other Subaru drivers—mostly the drivers of other Outbacks. There are not a lot of Subaru's in this part of the country. We had to drive over 100 miles to get to the closest dealership. So we tend to take notice of them when we see them while we are out and about.

  5. I know you are already a runner…but have you tried or heard of 'couch to 5k'? It is a program that is designed to take one from couch potato to actually running a 5k in three months. I keep saying I'm going to do this—but as with anything exercise related I tend to procrastinate and not get started. Right now I am debating if I should start the program with my old sneakers that I've had for a few years and have walked all over India, Rome, Paris and Pompeii in or if I should splurge on a new pair of shoes before even starting. Maybe I should get a week or two into the program before spending the money.Any advice? Thanks!!

  6. Definitely it is time for new shoes. when I am running 20-30 miles weekly, I have to change shoes about every 3 months. COuch to 5K is a solid program that lots of people have used. I'm kind of doing it myself at the Moment, or at least I think I am.

  7. I suspect you are trying to run too fast, too soon. But I would agree, running is not for everyone. Personally, I dont know how to ride a bike, so its a good thing I can run, otherwise I'd be trying out for a berth on the biggest loser….

  8. Glad to see you're running again.
    You're correct…. most runners do seem to be friendly. Trail runners even more so. Of course, it's hard for swimmers to say "hi" when their face is underwater.
    Just take it easy and be glad for whatever you can do. Running/walking is good and can get you far (I couldn't finish ultras if I wasn't OK with running/walking).
    Too bad surgery is the only option and you couldn't do something else, such as intense physical therapy. Surgery is so permanent. If you go through with surgery and it doesn't work out, you can't say "if wish I'd never had this done" and go back to how it was before.
    Good luck!

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