Great Backyard Bird watch edited to show properly!

Sometime last week was the Great Backyard Birdwatch.  My Mother got me into this last year, and we had a lot of fun, posting photos, talking about birds, and exchanging conversation.  IN September or October, we found that both of us had actually won prizes  in the photo competition.  My Mother won Runner up for the Overall competition  (Out of over 6000 entrants!)  and I won a third prize in what was termed "Habitat"  (ie bird in habitat).  Well we were both amazed.  My Dad told me that my Mom was actually a bit peeved that I won  the third prize, but it was definitely the lesser prize.  I happened to have a Great Blue Heron at it's nest, in focus…so of course…

This year, of course, with our prizes under our belt, we were really keen to go!  I have a new camera so I ewas especially keen.  My plans were thwarted in part by my special houseguest, and also my work schedule.  I did finally get out to the best birthwatching place in my area and am so disgustingly proud of my camera!
So, onwards….
this was a total accident, I was actually trying to get some pelicans when this Osprey came into the viewfinder.  SO I snapped away.  I wish the focus was a little less soft!
Here are the pelicans I was going for.
The sun was so bright and hard that a lot of the color has been Eradicated….
but I did do a little better in some other areas.
THis is a Green Heron.  It was quite a "feather in my cap" as the birds are somewhat reclusive and not often seen.
Interesting birds, they are one of the few tool using birds, they use bait for fishing!
Anyway, I would have missed the heron entirely, as it blends into the landscape very very well….but I was looking for an egret and almost tripped over the bird.  It then flew to an area which made for much better photographs…so I am pleased.  I'd never seen one before, much less had a chance to photograph it!
On this trip I actually had to stop and download twice. I took over 500 photographs.  Many of them turned out to be junk, as always.  I am so glad we have digital these days!  
My only problem is that I occasionally take about 20 or 30 shots of the same bird, not knowing which will be the best…and then I have a hard time deciding which is actually the best…
and then at times, the camera actually captures something better than I imagined it could.  For example, this behavior:
I know that the snowy egret naturally has the white plume, but I still found these shots to be highly entertaining….
I photographed every single bird I saw during the event (which lasts 4 days- you dont have to be a photographer, you can also just count birds).  And I am hoping the judges like one of them.
But who knows, I might have to stick with the Gators….
And now, the gators aren't having wild monkey love.  they are both just hanging out on a  log on a very very cold day….

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6 thoughts on “Great Backyard Bird watch edited to show properly!

  1. Oh – congratulations on the 3rd place. I'm sure that motivates you this year. I love the Green Heron shot where it is facing to the left.
    I am jealous of your camera! 🙂

  2. the gators sun bathing is nice but all your photos are great! and a placing of 3rd is very good but you do have a nice eye for nature pictures …..I am a bit jealous of all the great weather and all the great creatures you are getting shots of I just hope your enjoying you time out there photographing everything as much as I am looking at your photos

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