Life’s little updates

I really need to blog more.  Or at least about more interesting subjects, or or or…

But instead I am going to update on my Life.  which is not exciting, but it's not too terrible either.
My houseguest is gone.  He sent me a thank you post card which I trashed.  I am still washing everything he might have touched in hot hot water.  He was a very tidy and clean person but his personality  was well….enough to make me want to wash everything in hot hot water.
The Weather here in Florida is still unseasonably cold.  It's difficult for me, I don't seem to be tolerating the cold at all, and am finding it necessary to put on loads of sweaters and such inside the house.  It's 65 degrees, I should not be feeling this cold.  I sincerely hope we start to head up to the more normal temperatures soon.  I would welcome a few 101.0 F  days.  Its that cold to me, seriously!
Turns out my Toyota Prius was not recalled.   One thing that has not been hitting the headlines, it is ONLY American made Toyotas that are being recalled.   Because my car was made entirely in Japan, it is not subject to the recall.  I certainly have had no issues with the car and still enjoy driving it.  One thing that I found interesting is that someone now claims that after they "Messed with the electronics" they were able to re-create sudden acceleration.  People aren't supposed to be doing that, so I think thats really unimportant.  Toyota is fixing the problem.  It's unfortunate that it occurred at all.  I am glad that my car is not subject to recall.  
Work is turning out to be slightly difficult.  Human Resources came to a meeting the other day and wanted to know why morale there was poor.  and the nurses let them have it.  There are some definite issues.  I am just kind of keeping my head down and doing my job.  People do like me, and I like being there, but I am hopeful that things are going to change a bit.  Last night at 8:30 PM the manager called to see if I would work today instead of Tuesday.  I should have called her back but I didn't bother.  Now I feel guilty but…I really did not want to work today.  I Cant decide if I should claim not to have gotten the message or tell her I got the message too late.    We shall see what unfolds.  If I really wanted to get ahead I should have said Sure!   but I just couldn't fathom the idea of getting up and getting dressed at 5 am today.  arrrugh.  such a complicated web this is.
I'm still running a tiny tiny bit.  Nothing major, and seeing no real improvement.   But I am sure its good for health, so I keep doing it.  Swimming a lot, some days I really enjoy it, but since its cold and windy now, I am mostly COLD.
I'm finally using the local library.  I have realized that our local library is full of whatever has been donated, so its shall we say, an eclectic compilation.  
All in all, things are fine.  All except for the cold.  I get that most other people are colder, and I feel for them, but this cold is lasting way too long for us Floridians.  We are delicate fleurs  after all.

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5 thoughts on “Life’s little updates

  1. I hope you get your warmer weather soon! Glad your car wasn't part of the recall…honestly, I am not following things all that closely, but am automatically assuming most of it is being blown way out of proportion due to the way media is in general.

  2. Nice to know that you are liking your job. Hope your conversation with the manager went off well. Good to also know that your car is fine. Nice also to know that your house guest sent you a 'Thank you' card – atleast he did one thing right :)Hope you find something interesting to read in your local library. And hope the weather improves soon – too much cold is really not very inspiring. Hope the legendary sunny weather hits Florida soon 🙂

  3. Yes, you should blog more often. Your first few paragraphs had me laughing out loud. Glad you're getting back into running a little! At least that will keep you warm lol!

  4. Is that picture from Florida? I was watching the Weather Channel this morning (I know, I'm weird) and they were telling a story of the three cities that had the worst winter and Miami was Number 1 simply because there were so many days that the high temp was only in the 40's and there was snow. Washington DC/Baltimore was #2 and Philadelphia was #3.While I am looking forward to temps in the 70's I am not looking forward to temps in the 80's. My body just does not tolerate heat well at all.

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