It’s raining today so I’m going to update my blog…..As I said I should blog more often ha ha.

Work has been very exciting lately.
2 weeks ago we had a meeting with Human Resources.  I think they are actually trying to make sure the “work Life” survey thing that we fill out is not that terrible.  In general we all voiced our opinions, and after about a hour I left.  I didn’t like the way the meeting seemed to have become a beat up on the manager issue.
About a week later, the Manager was fired.  People seem much happier now.   In the few weeks that I had worked with her, I had not developed a love for her, so if people are happier…good riddance.  Of course with change there is more upheaval.  It doesn’t help that all the Northerners seem to be hell-bent on extending their winter here in Florida. It’s been crazy lately.   I  find I can not really describe the situation.  But it’s very crowded in the hospital.  The other day We were already full and then we received ten calls from the local rescue squads.  Usually the squads bring us all sort and matter of stuff but today….they brought only some real Emergency patients.  Heart attacks, strokes, unresponsive people….as much as we want these people to wait somewhere, they really can’t.  So suddenly we are trying to move people around, discharge the not really ill people, and get the ones that are admitted to beds upstairs.  Of course for us as soon as one patient left it was replaced with one more sicker one….making things very hard to manage appropriately.
It was sort of like the above photo, excepting that our patients weren’t really breathing on their own.  One of the most important aspects of Emergency Nursing is being able to prioritize.  If a person is actively not breathing or the heart isn’t beating, its very easy to figure out that this is the most important thing.  But stepping one step down, when everyone is breathing (or has a machine breathing for them), and has a beating heart…what comes first.
We actually diverted ambulances to other hospitals which has never been done at Waterman before, and the Director of Nursing  came down and tried to assist.  In reality the director of Nursing, while she is a Nurse, is really a suit….
So, it was hard to  find things for her to help with.  I was sort of juggling 3 critically ill patients (all went to the Intensive care unit,  where the ratio is one nurse to two patients…) and one other Chest pain patient.
Luckily for me  the Director of Nursing thought I was very good and told my Director so.   Whew.  I am not sure I’ve recovered from that day yet….I’m not sure anyone has.  We were all scheduled to work the next day and when we came in we all kept looking back and forth at each other….
So thats work.
I’ve been running again.  Just one mile to 1.25.  then I do a walk and run combo.  So far its working out well.  I was informed recently that I am apparently running the Melbourne Marathon (in Florida) in 2011.  I am not so sure.  I surely would like to but I am finding it very difficult to run long distances.  For the moment I am going to just keep increasing the distance I can run, and not worry too much about racing or races or anything.   I really do enjoy it.   but I want to not get so stressed out about the times or distances….
I just want to toddle along….
admittedly, I do want to toddle along faster and faster.
The Weather which has been horrid continue to be sort of disappointing.  Its  getting better but it’s taking it’s time.  I think if all these FLorida Snow Birds would go home, they would  find their home weather better…
And we could go back to serving the population that actually resides here.
My life has been sort of work, run eat….lately…..I need to get out a bit more!

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3 thoughts on “Raining

  1. Interesting about how to prioritize patients. I have never been in an emergency room situation where I didn't get prompt attention. You sound like your situation has been overwhelming.

  2. It sounds like a lot continues to go on in your life. I don't know that I could do the job that you do. Some aspects, yes but others definitely not! Good luck with your running. I hope you're able to get back into it slowly without injury. And hopefully not having races or a *need* to increase distance and speed will help make it more enjoyable.

  3. Holy cow! I hope things settle down soon for you there! Our weather has been rather slow to warm up too…yesterday was gorgeous, now today is cold and rainy again. I shouldn't complain though, I am NOT a hot weather person and soon enough summer will be here. LOL

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