Well, after almost 90 days, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I really really hate my new job.

I’ve done this Emergency Nursing for ten years and have never been expected to work under the conditions they have on a daily basis.  My last day at work we had 50% of the nursing staff call out, so we had to work extra hard, but nothing got done well and I stayed behind 2 hours catching up on charting.
That is not the way I want to work.  It is dangerous, and it has me feeling actually depressed.  I am in total fear of losing my license.
I spent the last two days off essentially moping about the house. I am really feeling miserable, don;t want to run, or take photos, or anything.   I applied for 2 jobs and contacted a bunch of places.  No one will really talk to you unless you fill out an application.  Filling out the application takes about 2 hours each time.  In a stroke of luck, I did find an Infection control job that I think I meet the criteria for.  I applied.  I know today that I have passed the first hurdle, in that the application made it through recruitment, and is now at the Department Head’s Desk.  They said I’d hear next week.  It’s a long shot.  I really would prefer to do Infection control/prevention.  But it’s a very tight field.  And I technically don’t have experience, but….I met all the requirements they stated.  There are classes that one can take- I just found out about them today,  but the ones that are coming up are in places like Illinois.  I have no problem going to Illinois and paying for a class, but I have to know it would actually get me a job in the end….
I’ve even been thinking of moving over to the Space Coast area.  I love to go over there all the time anyway, so I just might.  There are a few jobs, plus a brand spanking new hospital set to open in 2011….a small one.
The only other thing I have done was get the MRI on my ankle.  It was really a fast MRI, only about an hour.  I’m not a fan of the contract dye injection, especially because the tech missed my horse sized vein…ah well.  He was not the greatest of pokers, but then again, at times neither am I.  I get the results on Friday.  The tech said he didn’t see much of anything, but of course, he is the tech and I am not really sure he always knows what he is looking for.  The physician told me she wanted to see if a certain area “Lit up” with the dye….so we’ll see.  All I know is that there is pain.
My cholesterol got checked and it’s a wee bit high at 225.  2 years ago at this time it was 175, so something has changed!  I’m going to be watching my diet, and trying to continue to do physical activity.  It’s not so easy though when all I want to do is crawl into bed.

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13 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. Hello..You know all the psycobabble concerning jobs, attachments from physical and mental investments. It sounds as if you have experience in working under adverse conditions. I would bet that has brought you to an honesty you can trust. I can usually tell if something is a go. If the job seems to be yours…it probably will be. All the sophistication and inferrence of society always boils down to a yes or no. With your experience I would want you on a team if I came in bleeding. And to repeat..Best of luck…(StC)..In light of the much needed health care reform..( S___the Conservatives) My dear sister had a little trepadition about a meet at her work..I told her..'Kick ass considerately'..She says she took that in 'as a flag'..the meeting went well..a lot accomplished..Peace Tony

  2. There never seem to be enough nurses. Saw a thing on tv last night. A lot are leaving their jobs over here at the moment because they are so overworked and at the end of the day they think about all the things they didn't get done rather than the good things they did do. Hope your application goes well for you.

  3. Oh no! I hate that the job is not turning out to be all that you wanted it to.I have an MRI with contrast on my brain tomorrow morning. And an MRA. I don't have a clue what an MRA is but I think it has something to do with the arteries in my neck. I'm trying to remember if there are any side effects of the contrast dye.With nurses being is such a shortage it is hard to believe that you would have trouble finding a niche just for you.

  4. Trish, most of the side effects are minimal. I did feel nauseous for about 3 minutes right after the injection. The tech told me it was because I "worked myself up" but I think it was the actual dye. And you do really want to increase fluids. I had a hard time doing it, and woke up for the last two days with a dry mouth and eyes. My biggest problem in trying to get a new job is that I didn't want to move, and I am wanting to try something different. In addition while hospitals are hiring they are also cutting back and offerring a lot of part time work, so they don't have to give insurance!!! perhaps with Obamacare I could get insurance anyway…but I dont know.

  5. It seems that medical staff in hospitals everywhere are overworked and expected to do more than a fair share of work. Thank goodness there are people like you doing the job for we poor people who need you from time to time.

  6. I'm sorry that the new job isn't turning out to be something you enjoy. I hope that this new opportunity pans out for you. And if not something will come up. 🙂

  7. There's a dire need for dedicated nursing staff here in Oz. If you have to move, why not consider a real move to a new culture and way of life. We don't bite here and really are friendly 🙂

  8. There are a couple of jobs I think are completely underrated and underpaid. Nurse is one of them. If it weren't for you guys what would we "normals" do. Nurses should get the same salary a doctor does, in my eyes anyway.Seen the work my mum did for 40 years and what she got paid. Tried myself on the job for a 2 week internship or you might call it practical course or something to see whether or not this might be something I would consider doing.And …. uhm…. no. Not something I could do. So you have my full admiration! And good luck with the job hunt!! I hope something will show up for you that you will enjoy doing.

  9. I am really sorry about this. So many jobs aren't very good, and yet sometimes we have to be thankful to be employed. (Not me, I am retired now). Space Coast and a small new hospital sound good to me. Hope something works out for you.

  10. THanks everyone for the well wishes. The job was a lot better yesterday, and in a way it's now a bit harder to leave because several people came to thank me profusely for whatever I did over the weekend….

  11. I totally sympathize – exercise is the best thing but the hardest to get motivated with. But it keeps me sane.
    Best wishes for your new job prospects. Sometimes we (especially women, I think) have that intuition about when it's time to move on.

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