Happy Easter

Seeing as this weekend is Easter I thought I'd ask people how they feel about peeps?

Personally I love them, especially when they are slightly stale and thus a little bit chewy.  
I have to admit, that they were more charming when one could only get them at Easter.   Now you get Halloween peeps, Christmas peeps, valentines peeps, you name it.
It seems people either rather love them or hate them very much….
I can only eat the white or yellow ones the other colours bother me a lot!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. LOL, since I never heard of these things, or seen them on my various trips, before I had to look them up. Thank you Wikipedia.Sounds like a fun thing, if one is up for Marshmellows. Loved them as a kid, not so keen anymore. But once in a while is nice.Though what made me laugh was a short section in the Wiki-article about different uses of Peeps in food:Peeps can also be eaten out of the microwave. This is often done in
    conjunction with "Peep Jousting", a game in which two Peeps are placed
    in the microwave with toothpicks stuck in them. The Peeps expand in the
    microwave, the player whose Peep pierces the other Peep gets the honor
    of eating both hot and gooey Peeps.All you need is ideas…. :))

  2. I don't mind Peeps. They're not my favorite but I'll eat them. Doesn't matter what color or shape. They're also fun to microwave and watch expand. 😉

  3. PEEPS! Easter is such a candy holiday; it seems like most folks are either in the Cadbury Egg camp or the Peeps camp. It wouldn't be Easter without them!

    I like 'em ok, but I enjoy Cadbury eggs the most! My brother-in-law loves stale Peeps, too, and recently discovered S'meeps- s'mores made with Peeps. I want to hate the idea, but I actually am really curious!

  4. Easter wouldn't be Easter if there weren't Peeps. I eat the bunny's. Not the chicks. I like them nice a soft and fresh. Or if they've sat out a couple of hours. When I open a fresh package I immediately store them, four per bag, in snack sized Ziploc bags. That way they can last and be all nice a fresh and ooey gooey. I've never microwaved them before. I may need to check that out.

  5. LOL – the first time I tried these I thought they must've been way out of their use-by date! I did give them a second chance – nope, don't like them at all. Perhaps you have to grow up with them – as Cat mentioned, we don't have them in Australia.

  6. My boyfriend ruthlessly teases me about my love of these things. Don't love the plastic / wasteful packaging, but yes, stale is the way to go.
    Happy Easter and happy eats!

  7. It has to be similar to vegemite, which I can eat but dont love. And I do think the whole idea of vegemite on toast in the morning is sort of, well, not so hot!!

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