ankle is finally diagnosed.

Well, it isn't very dramatic.  I have Tendonosis.  which is like Tendonitis but long term, more chronic type of thing.  

It does hurt, and lately it has been hurting quite a bit.  She showed me the pockets of fluid that are surrounding my tendon and the way my tendon has gotten to be very thick compared to a normal tendon.  It was all very interesting, and i wish it had not been so early in the morning, because I barely recall any of it!
According to the Podiatrist though, Physical therapy three times weekly should cure it.  With my work schedule we shall see if I can do PT 3 times a week each week, but I hope that it does provide some relief.
I've been mostly walking these days about 2-3 miles with the dog, which takes a longer time, as he really loves to stop and smell everything….

In addition to the dog, I have adopted a habit of pickup up a plastic bag and actually collecting the trash on the side of the road.  Mostly it's bottles, cans, and advertising papers.  While I will never get a medal for this, I find it oddly satisfying, and I do feel as if i am helping the community.  
  I find that I do miss running, in an odd abstract sort of way.  It's always there….waiting for me to try to return to it.
We'll see.  
Other than the ankle things are better.
After that horrific day at work, the Physicians started to complain…and as always, the situation was suddenly addressed a bit more vigorously.  I keep getting high praises from the physicians as well as most of the nurses I work with.  
    I do still have that one application in for the Infection Prevention/Control job.  I'd love to get it, but doubt I have much of a chance. 
The weather is finally HOT  here in the 80's each day as is should be.  
My only big concern here is that my taxes are turning out to be a bit of a nightmare.  they are so far fairly standard, all except I seem to have lost a form regarding my dividend income (its not big but it does change my taxes each year)  and the hideous house sale.  I seem to have simply trashed the documents I needed to report that!.
So we shall see what occurs.  I am hoping a lot of places are disregarding Easter Monday and will be at work.  
Once the taxes are done, I think I shall feel a great deal better.  

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9 thoughts on “ankle is finally diagnosed.

  1. May your ankle heal quickly, I know that can be such an inconvenience!
    Bravo for picking up the trash. Where I run it's everywhere and I use the excuse that well I'm running, I can't fit all that stuff in my pockets. Besides, it's gross. But then I see these wonderful people at my Lake picking up trash and basically saving the lives of birds and fishes. It's heroic in my opinion.

  2. I hope the ankle heals quickly, and that you are able to find time for the PT!And I am happy to give you a (theoretical) medal for picking up the trash. We do it at the local hiking trail here when we go out, and as Emmi said, everything you pick up is potentially saving some animal who might have ingested it. Gold star for you!

  3. Hello..The tendonosis can be will go away..have a until it heals is about all I have seen that works..the symptom of pain is relieved as needed..
    I clean up around our helps to clean the area..folks respect it more and some of the more thoughtful take it home with them..other mammels must truely be disgusted at mankind..'Homo Erectus' indeed..
    Glad to see you have 'found your slot' in the new job..Peace Tony

  4. I'm glad you got a diagnosis for your ankle. Hopefully you'll be able to get to PT and get it healed up. I think it's great that you're picking up things along the side of the road as you walk. Although you may not get a medal it's great satisfaction and I'm sure at least some people have noticed.

  5. Tendonosis can take a long time to heal… tendons are much less vascularized than say muscle. BUT… PT is much better than having surgery.
    You are completely correct.. running is always there. It will be waiting for you when you are ready.
    Good on you for picking up stuff. I've put trash in my backpack when on 50 mile ultramarathons that I knew I wouldn't be able to finish. But heck, even though I never made it to the finish, the trail is just a little bit cleaner because I was there.
    So physicians complained and were listened to? That's a new one on me….
    Best of luck with your application for the infection control/prevention job. I've worked in ER and other inpatient situations many times in the past and now try to avoid them whenever possible. There's too much out of my control and the stress is not worth it. I still get PTSD symptoms just thinking about past experiences.

  6. Glad things are going better! Sorry about the ankle, but at least now you have an answer and a plan. I hate "not knowing" about things like that.

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