The Art of Sand Festival, Cape Canaveral Florida

About a week ago, a bunch of us decided to go to the Art of Sand Festival at the Port in Cape Canaveral.  Being a non- native, I've really never seen anything so fantastical.  I'm really amazed at the things people can create out of sand.  

I was also surprised that people are actually "professional" sand sculptors.  Playing in a sand box is how they make their living.  I am really impressed with that as well!!!  What impressed me even more was that people from the Netherlands, Russia, and Italy were part of the competition.  
Frankly, a class on sand castle building seems like a very fun family vacation activity.  I think though even with a class I could not compete with these creations.
One thing I found interesting and a little strange was that there was no theme at all.  Each artist seemed to have chosen something they wanted to represent.  THis made each sculpture quite different, and I think, allowed the artists to showcase their best skills and their personal style.
Each one was so different stylistically and in theme….
It was really hard to decide which one I liked the best.  I personally would have preferred some sort of theme that all sculptures would be based on, and then seeing what take the Sculptors took on the theme.  This is especially because on of the award winners was  a theme of broken hearts entitled "Separate Vacations"  which, while intricate was not at all inspiring, or actually that interesting.  
So apparently "dirty Sand" is the best sand for this type of sculpting….It allows the sand pieces to cling to each other and hold together…
The tools of the trade are rather simple, trowels, straws, and such…
I was so surprised to see the things they could create…with just a shovel, a paintbrush, and a straw!
My Favorite of the sculptures though was one based on a hodgepodge of Jules Verne's novels.  Thats right, Both under the sea and around the world in 80 days in one sculpture!
One nice thing was that all the themes were essentially peaceful.  No armored tanks here at the beach…
Some were more peaceful than others….
Overall, a fun day at the "beach"  I definitely recommend checking one of these competitions out if one comes your way!!!

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9 thoughts on “The Art of Sand Festival, Cape Canaveral Florida

  1. WOW if I had not know that it was sand I would have had to ask what the material was and some are so well done it is scary beautiful knowing this was made of sand….. Love your post

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