Job relief.

I feel a little guilty posting this, as my wonderful Cousin's husband, and several of my friends from the town I grew up in, and the internet are still searching for employment…. but I have been moaning about it  so best to update, because I am really in shock and awe that this is actually happening to me…..

Admittedly, it is not the dream job I wanted in Infection Control.  I suppose at my age, about 25 years from retirement, 10 years into the profession, and very specialized, now I pretty much am stuck.  
But I am still really surprised and delighted.
 I was in such a debate about leaving a place where I seem to be fairly well liked, and seem to be heading down the right road to advance.  One little conversation has changed that completely.
      The recruiter had told me she was trying to "do me up a package"  which sounded a bit fancy, like something a person who has a headhunter might get.   She really did in the end do me up a fabulous  package.
If I take the job, which I will:
My regular hourly pay will increase by almost 4.00 an hour (eeek)
I am eligible for shift differentials, which may raise my pay by 3-5 dollars more on top of that. (squeeee~)
My Insurance plan will improve quite a bit (no more endless letters from the plan telling me that this or that was not approved….)
My commute drops from 30 miles to 2.4.  Saves me gas and time.  
My Gym membership fee drops by 50%.
I get a substantial sign on bonus.  (like about an extra month's pay up front.)
The not so good parts of the job:
I start on night shift.  
The hospital itself is an unknown, it could be as bad at the place I am at now.  It could even be worse.  

I remain in the Emergency Department, but it looks as if that is my future, at least it's a known evil.  I do know how to do my job there.

While there are several unknown factors, I think that the extra cash really can make up for a lot of things.  I am actually looking forward to doing  nights for the differential, and the fact that I can get off work, and go directly to the pool, get my swimming in and then just go home.

I just had no idea that in this economy that such a thing was going to be possible.  

This morning, I woke up and I felt so much relief.  My entire body felt entirely limp.  

I start there May 25th.  

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10 thoughts on “Job relief.

  1. Don't feel guilty! We should all celebrate with you for this fortune! I hope that you feel much more at peace with this new job and that it brings happiness back into your daily life.

  2. Hello..Take the good and run with it..It sounds as if your persistence and quality of work is being recognized. Working employer politics is constructive..but it really is not your job. Good for you..Peace Tony

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