Feeding the Hungry Again!

This is again the weekend that the United States Postal Service does it's huge national Food Drive.  Many of you (americans) will have received a plastic bag in your mailbox from the USPS.
This is the largest one day food drive in the Nation.  I tried to find out exactly why the Post Office decided to be involved in collecting food.  The Post office is involved in a variety of charitable efforts, but most relate to things postal, like answering letters from Santa.  The PO also has a program to look for and locate missing children, which while not mail related, does make sense, given the amount of time that mail carriers are in neighborhoods and observe things.  But Food?  Well, I think it is a great thing that they are involved, even if I am not exactly sure why they are involved.
This drive in May is very important to help food banks stay "in business"  over the summer.  Kids who normally get lunch and often breakfast now via subsidized Government programs may not be in school over the summer.  Their parents may have trouble covering the need.  In addition, the last Big food drive for most communities was in December for the holidays, and that was almost 6 months ago.  So many food banks are experiencing bare shelves.
I really support this Food Drive  and well as the big one the Boy Scouts do because it makes it really really easy to contribute.  At other times during the year if there isn't a bin in the grocery store, a person would have to make a special trip over to the food bank, which is more than most are willing to do!
THe Government has provided us with some great Statistics  on  hunger and lack of food, you can click on the link to see where your state ranks.  Mississippi is Number one.  
I encourage you to fill a bag, and if you didnt get a bag I encourage you to call your post office and find out why!
Good Products to donate:
Baby Formula
Baby foods
Box dinner mixes
spaghettios (eeew I know, but, many kids are hungry, and a few spaghettios won't kill them)
Diabetic food items (sugar free)
Peanut Butter
My personal favorites to put in the bag:
baby Food
Coffee (I would hate to give it up.)
box mix for brownies, muffins, something sweet and a treat
sugar free  pudding mixes.
Note:  I didn't put canned green beans on this list.  
Have a great hunger free weekend!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Feeding the Hungry Again!

  1. And when donating—don't donate the out of date foods that are cluttering your pantry. Don't donate anything that you, yourself wouldn't eat. People that go to food banks need healthy nutritious stuff as much as or more than the people that are doing the donating.:^)

  2. I always feel sorry for the postal carriers. First they have big loads anyhow. And then to additionally carry canned goods and other heavy items?

  3. You are so right, Eeyore! I always wonder why people think its nice to donate the 29 cent cans of limp green beans. I have to admit though, i did do a bit of closet cleaning out, some mashed potato pouches (instant) were not to my taste, so I donated them.

  4. I doubt they mind the one day of hefting canned goods. I've read several articles about how proud the mail carriers are of their achievements with the food drive. It is definitely worth it.

  5. Thanks for the alert – I hadn't considered that kids would not have the benefit of school lunches! No one should go hungry in this country with all the riches and restaurants tossing out food every day.
    When someone is missing a pet I often tell them to tell kids in the neighborhood and mail carriers since they see everything.

  6. Just a complete guess, but I imagine their involvement also stems from the sheer number of people they are able to reach and the fact that folks are probably more likely to donate if they don't have to go anywhere to do so. I also tend to do some pantry clean-out with it, but not outdated stuff, just items I have WAY too many of (due to shopping at Costco)…it still ends up costing me less than the grocery store and makes it easy to donate to programs like this. 🙂

  7. I always feel sorry for the postal carriers. I believe (and I could be wrong) that the majority of postal carriers are either in a postal truck or a personal car. It's been a long time since I've seen one completely on their feet…and when I saw that the mail was in a three-wheeled push cart. I could be wrong. But down here in the part of the South I live in the only time I see a mailman on his/her feet is when they are delivering to office buildings. They still have their truck nearby that they can return to as necessary.I think the fact that it is once a year—that not a single carrier complains. IF they don't like it…then they don't put the bag and the card in the mailboxes.I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Me, I'm going to go fill my bag right now and put it by the front door so I can get it out tomorrow morning.

  8. In the area where I live there are many recipients of food donations/assistance, hence we don't get these bags in our mailbox. The company I work for assists in a Street People's association so I donate through that.

  9. My mailman is on foot. He lugs around a huge bag and there are "drop off" boxes along his route where some other lucky employee in a car puts more mail for my mailman to unlock and get the rest of his route's mail. He would not be able to use one of those push cart things as we all have front steps – on my side of the street the mailman comes to the first house and then just walks across the gardens. On the other side he has to go up and down, up and down. I have a very fit looking mailman 🙂

  10. I could see, then, that your mailman would not really want to lug around his bag of mail plus any donations that have been put out…that could get really heavy really quick.It was many years ago that I saw the mailman walking with his cart. Back then there wasn't the threat of everything that there is a threat of now. I remember my mailman giving his little cart a shove down the sidewalk as he left it to carry the mail to the front door. But, that was back in the 70's before Tylenol scares, planes crashing into buildings and bombs planted in cars. The worst thing a mailman had to worry about was whether or not that barking dog was going to bite him/her.Anyway—I'm feeling sad and talkative tonight, I'll let you get on to enjoying your evening. :^)

  11. I love the idea of this food drive- it is such a great way for the postal service to involve us in the community. Our standard donation is a large sack of dried beans and a large sack of raw rice- they can be combined into a simple but nutritious meal, and can feed the whole family!

  12. This is late but I am touring the 'cyberhood'..When it comes to throwing away consumable food..all I have to know is that someone, somewhere, very possibly and probably someone who needs it..will live a little longer..if I take the time to pass it on.
    The postpeople are wonderfully dependable. I dig on them and firefighters..Peace Tony

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