Life’s Little updates.

So much going on, and so much NOT going on.

I'm getting prepared  to start my new job the week after next.  I went in and did a bunch of pre screening a week ago.  All looks good.  I met a girl who works part time at my current hospital, who works part time there.  She likes it a lot better than where we are now, so that is encouraging.
Oddly, the manager woman who I thought was a little flaky has resigned!  So I get to work with her for maybe 2-3 weeks, and then she is gone.  I hope they get someone who is more neutral.  It's good news though.  I am looking forward to having a 10 minute commute to work.  
One of my patients actually gave me a gift last week, which NEVER occurs.  She had Supraventricular tachycardia. suddenly while walking her heart rate went from something to 202.  Fairly easy to fix in her case, we gave her adenosine,  and got it going at a rate of about 90 again, which is of course much better.
She brought me a turtle.
this exact one in fact.  She put it in a chain and I love it.  Normally people bring you angels  and things with sayings like "Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes"    Well.  I'm no angel.  My shoes aren't always that comfy.
The turtle was just perfect.  I put it on and actually have not taken it off since.  Wow, I am still surprised!  Patients usually are quite grateful, but don't really do a lot of thank yous just because its often a stressful time in life and whatnot.
I have finally started to do some slow jogging again.  It has been fun.  I've been eyeing some races, but trying not to think about them, as they seem to be the thing that gets me each time.  I've been taking Teulu.  He enjoys going, but he does not have any endurance. Most dogs, well, they like to run at breakneck speed and then stop and sniff about at things….
He's changed quite a bit over the years.  
He has gotten much better in the past few weeks, and while the running may not be to his taste exactly, he is starting to be able to go off the "weight watchers food"  and eat regular stuff again.  
I feel much better running.  Even slowly.  I am very frustrated with it, but at the same time,  I feel a lot of relief that I am actually able to run.
It seems to balance me out a bit more.
This morning I woke up feeling very sore and tired though, so i decided just to walk the dog…and try to run in the evening.  THe hardest thing is to pace myself.  I seem to be doing pretty well at this for the moment.
        I've been reading a lot lately, and I need to post up some of the good books I have read.  I've been using the public library,  and i think I have mentioned before the collection, funded mostly by donation, is a bit eclectic.  But I've discovered some really good current writers, and then well, so real zeros.  
Not much else going on.  One goal I have is to learn a bit more about investing.  I have not been doing too much about it, but I think I am going to make myself watch Mad Money more often.  It's not much but its a beginning.  
I'm going to  try to get all of my 403B's into one so I can pay attention to how its going.  
The last little thing I am doing is trying to purchase as sales come on, stuff for needy children for the Holidays.  As I have been in Target a lot, I am just watching sales.  So far I have scored a great Barbie (wearing clothing not a teeny swim suit) for 3.00, an American Girls  DVD for 3.00 a few kids musical instruments and some matchbox cars on sale for 97 cents.  A lot easier to pick up one thing every few weeks, than trying to rush around at Holiday time.  Just have to be careful to get neutral items, as whats hot now, may not be Hot in december.
and I have learned how to do a lot of crock pot cooking…

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7 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates.

  1. How cool of a patient to give you a gift. And I like the turtle. Maybe it's fitting since you helped slow her heart rate down. 🙂 Things are looking good for the start of your new job. I hope it's better for you!

  2. What a great little gift. I don't think I would ever give a nurse the obvious angels. I sent postcards from Italy to my foot surgeon and my PT therapist (seeing as how both were worried about how I would go with all the walking there). I brought back little gifts for the 2 ladies in the surgeon's office because they were wonderfully kind to me. Luckily I've not had to spend any time getting to know a nurse :-)Your poor doggy! I see people in the mornings running with either very reluctant dogs or over the top enthusiastic ones- both can be amusing to watch.

  3. Love the turtle. That woman must have been so relieved to feel normal again. I went through a horrible thing right before grad school, had mitral valve prolapse, my sister insisted I had Marfan's syndrome, it was this whole ordeal. Anyway, my nurse kept me sane. So important.
    You must be so glad to be active again. I'm a runner too, I know it must be awful to have to limit yourself. I hope you heal quickly. Teulu is adorable, maybe it's good that you can both run at a slow pace for a while so you can get in sync?
    I finally have a good savings account so I'm looking into investing too, it's all quite confusing! I've heard of Mad Money, I should watch it sometime. I do watch Suze Orman……

  4. Your dog is so beautiful! Aww. I understand how he feels about trying to run though. I would like to start jogging, and properly, but I'm terrible at it so far.

  5. Great turtle! Much better than an angel. When The Beloved's father passed away in December, we sent the ICU nurse that helped us so much through everything some flowers.

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