Yeardley Love

     Since Ms Love was found murdered on May 3rd, I've been following this situation closely, with a lot of anger.

I'm angry about this on so many levels it's hard to actually sit down and process it.  
First and foremost this is a death that really really didn't have to happen.  Most news reportage of this death explain that the perpetrator of the crime, George Huguely, had a long history of domestic violence, and not just against Love.  
Love's teammates all state they were aware of Hughely's dangerous behavior, Love's Uncle states that she made several comments regarding his temper and such to him, but that he dismissed those comments.
It bothers me greatly that none of these people would say anything to anyone with any authority.  Love herself may not have been able to actually do that.  But for heavens sake, there are 12 players on a Lacrosse team (women's) on the field at any time, and thus there are probably at least 15-20 actual people on a team.  So….20 persons knew about this,  an actual attack was witnessed during an away game, and still everyone just sort of swept it under the rug?
Secondly, it does seem sad to me that this case is getting the coverage it is getting mostly due to the fact that these are two attractive persons, who were from very well to do backgrounds.  I doubt very much that we would still be hearing about this nationally if this had happened at a local community college.  Sad, but true.  Is this young woman's life more valuable or more interesting because she had money?  I think not.  It just sadly proves that in the American mind set, money does matter…..
Thirdly, The University of Virginia lacrosse teams took the field again, with the coach saying playing would help the team.  The team all wore some very cute t shirts, saying things like "One Love"  and such.  They all wore the black oval with her name on it over their hearts.  Very nice gestures.  Personally, I think it's a little maudlin.  For a team which had witnessed Hughely actually attack her in person (At an away event in NC), the wearing of a t shirt after her death as a way to honor this young woman…..pathetic.  
Much better that one of them had said one thing to someone with some power to act, I mean, it's not like they can all pretend to just not know, they saw it months before she was killed.  But I suppose a T shirt and placard now will make things feel better.

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4 thoughts on “Yeardley Love

  1. We've been hearing quite a lot about it here, being that it's just up the road. I also thought the whole t-shirt/oval thing was maudlin, and keep thinking that abusers don't usually start with killing someone– people must have seen stuff happening?I do wonder about the older adults in this scenario– the coach, professors, etc. I used to call students' advisers all the time when I was teaching to tell them something was up. Although the advisers also told me that I called them more in a semester than many profs called them in a decade. I guess we're all ingrained not to "interfere"?

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who find this whole thing just a bit "off" I remember my Mom always telling me "not to make trouble" and in some instances she is right, but….in many instances, not making small trouble can lead to big explosive trouble.

  3. hi! I just found your blog….I, too, have been following this story, just like I followed (and still follow) the Eve Carson murder. The reports of both teams knowing he had a violent temper, the fact that many, if not most women are killed AFTER they leave, or try to leave, abusive relationships….it makes me very sad and angry. Sad that we haven't come as far in violence against women or interpersonal violence as we think we may have, and angry because this really didn't have to happen. I also wonder why Love didn't (as far as I know) talk to anyone, or alert anyone of his behavior. (I am NOT blaming her in any way, I just wonder if the University and lacrosse climates made it a safe place for her to do so).

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