Swim Suit surprise! edited to reveal….

My new swimming suit has arrived and for an entire day while I worked, it has been sitting in the office, patiently awaiting me!

    I'm very curious to see what it looks like.  Because I am cheap…I ordered a grab bag suit  from THe FInals.  Since I was a kid, we have been ordering these suits, since they are about half the price of a regular one.  
You dont really get to choose anything about the suit, except one piece or two, pattern or solid.  They just send one.  So it's sort of a little swimming crap shoot…
I think I'd really  just die if this showed up in the mail box!!!!!!!!
Luckily, I've had pretty good luck with grab bag suits, usually for some reason they come in Purple swirls.  I think they overmake purple and most people are sick of them.  
Soooo, when the office opens at 12:00….I'll be waiting to see what is in that package!!!!
adn voila OMG,  this one really took the cake.   I will be wearing it but I will be working like crazy to get out of this size so I don't have to anymore.
It definitely makes a statement,  I'm large and florally…….and pink. 

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7 thoughts on “Swim Suit surprise! edited to reveal….

  1. Oh boy! No control of what kind of swim suit you'll receive? I could never do that!I think the one in the picture is actually quite funny. If only the pants wouldn't have such a high waist.

  2. Sounds like a good gamble! There seems to be hardly any tasteful patterns out there; our store called the Mountain Goat is sports-like so their swimsuits are unpatterened and subtle colors, and are comfortable. Very hard to find all 3.
    I do like floral, though. Sometimes.

  3. yes, I am regretting that I didnt choose from the Solid grab bag. It looks less lound on me, but being that I am in the weight loss process, I would have preferred something a little more subtle. I should go to the Mountain Goat.

  4. I think it's cute in a retro way. It's been years since I bought a pair of cossies – I used to buy a new pair every summer – and then never go in the water LOL.

  5. I know..for women..but..women are beautiful..give me a bikini or a 'thong' and a woman who likes to step and strut..attitude is a biggy for any sex or any person..as I see them..Peace Tony

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