An Investment in Health

As I get ready to work Night shift again, I went over to my local store and finally, for the first time since I began working shift work (over 15 years now.  ugh) invested in a blackout curtain.

it cost err, 6.95   and then an extra 2.97 for a spring loaded curtain rod that could hold the panel.
whoo hoo.
I was thinking of two things, firstly it might make it seem less like day in the room when I try to sleep, and secondly, at 3 pm, my bedroom suddenly become intolerably hot as it faces the west and gets the Afternoon sun full force.
Well, I didn't really think an investment of about 10.00 could do too much though and I was trying to look at the bright side:  In that the room getting unbearably hot at 3 pm would get me awake each day for excersise!
I was wrong!  that 7.00 curtain makes my bedroom almost pitch black at noon!  And it keeps the room from getting to the boiling point in the afternoon!!!!
The first day I put it up I found myself taking a good long nap at 2 pm….
I found out it even blocks out the annoying street lights (which are not annoying when outside at night)  that shine in my window! 
I'm sleeping much much better than before,  at night and during the day.  SO I highly recommend the 7.00 blackout curtain to anyone trying to get a little more restful rest.  
I am now ready for night shift.

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4 thoughts on “An Investment in Health

  1. We bought black out curtains for Jordan's west facing bedroom. They do a wonderful job of keeping the outside light out. Doesn't do much for the little glowing 'power on' lights on the various electrical equipment in his room, though.I hope your transition is smooth and you thrive in your night-owl-ness.

  2. Isn't it amazing? I guess it's melatonin or something (I may be way off on that) but light keeps me awake almost as much as noise. I'm glad it's working for you – sleep is an underrated necessity.
    I'm a night owl but I have lots of trouble sleeping past daybreak.

  3. This is really a 'must' investment. I used to have problem to sleep after 12pm. This cause the night shift sleeping hour become 8am-12pm. Really tiring.. .Maybe this is due to the curtain! Haha, how good if knew this earlier. BTW, Wish you have a great ZZzzzZZzzzzz. Cheers!

  4. These are like the curtains they have in astronomers' lodges – when I go somewhere with the manservant, darkness at lunch times plays havoc with my head! (especially considering I will have gone to bed at a fairly decent time).

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