First week

My First week at my new hospital is complete.  I didn't do any work on the actual unit, so I have no idea if I am going to like it or not.  

I did have a few surprises!
Firstly the hospital is much much smaller than I thought.  They are building an addition which will bring them to a total of something like 150 beds.  I thought it was a 200 bed hospital.  No wonder they often have hold patients.  
Secondly, I really never considered the implications of working in a hospital that is actually in my town.   I did walk through the unit, and actually saw at least one person who I recognized immediately from the Gym- he is a Paramedic who used to date my trainer.  I was never really sure what happened to them  so it was a bit of an awkward moment.  I imagine I'll have more of them.   Hopefully I have not upset anyone that I might be working with.
The computer system terrifies me.  It is so so different.   And of course I can not find my way around.  I do think. though in a week or so I will get things figured out.  
Even weirder, they hired another Nurse to work in the ED, and she moved here and now lives Across the breezeway from me, in my apartments.  We both seem to get a long, but of course its a little awkward, as I prefer a certain amount of privacy!  
So we will see what happens.  I start on Monday at 11PM.  I hope I am awake enough to learn and also that things go well.

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10 thoughts on “First week

  1. Good luck, Katiebell. I hate that new hospital feeling..everything is strange, you're always double checking things to make sure you've got it right, and then the moment you get comfortable in one setting its time to move on!

  2. Oh – that is like living in a small country town. The family doctor was also a family friend and then the nurses at the (only) hospital were girls I was at school with.

  3. Hello..I check in every now and again..I think you will do well and feel more comfortable as time passes. Going back home, for me, sometimes felt like surrender..or giving up the dream of wanderlust. I never knew what folks were really saying, or why. I think part of that was because they did not always know. Computers, as you know, are just wife does not feel comfortable unless she truely knows and can go in and say 'yes I know this and can do that..'..she always has to remember each place is different..well take care and Peace Tony

  4. Good luck! I hope your work/neighbor and you figure out how to be co-workers as well as apartment 'buddies'.Gotta love the small town atmosphere. Hopefully it will all work out wonderfully and you will be happy with your decision to change jobs.

  5. I know the feeling Katiebell. It's always difficult doing anything new, especially the older you get. I've started two new jobs in the last six months and I feel so stupid most of the time. But I'm settling in with them both. Good luck to you hon, it will all work out.

  6. I can imagine it's tense to see in your living space people that you work with. Just remember that you have the right to a privacy and I'm sure your coworkers value that as well. I can relate to the new job stress; it's always something.
    Just take extra good care of yourself and don't get overwhelmed. You have a great energy so it's nice that you'll be helping people that are local to you.

  7. I think in the end it will be nice to know someone in the building. She has a three month old beautiful daughter also and so I look forward to being able to help her on occasion with Babysitting, as long as we dont hate each other!

  8. That is tricky, it is good you're thinking about it. Setting boundaries is the key, I think. I'm always afraid my coworker who I work with side by side every day, may turn on me. That would be tough since we are stuck with each other.

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