a little post about Running.

I started back to some running in May.  I actually started on the ellipitical.  After a few ellipitical workouts I predictably got bored and decided to take the dog out for some jog/walking….

Teulu has loved it.  In the morning when he sees me getting ready, and I pick up the leash eh starts to wag his entire behind, not just the tail. He no longer looks quite so sad.
Teulu is a great screen for Jog/Walk.  Because if I really have to stop and walk, well, I am just walking the dog!  Not a running fool who can not run.  An added bonus is that he is back on regular dog food which he likes much better than the weight control stuff.  
I'm still having a lot of ankle issues, but, for the most part, the achilles is staying attached.  
I finally got brave enough today to go for a run without the pup.  He is great fun, but tends to really slow up and also have to stop for the bathroom frequently.   Not surprisingly, I took about a minute off my mile time.  I think though I will continue to take him for a lot of workouts as he is really enjoying himself and it is good for his health.  I mean, I am not running a race every day and so, a few runs that are slow due to stopping to inspect the flowers will probably not affect me too much.
I also got brave enough to step on the scale.  man I wish I had not.  It was painful.  I tell you, shocking and painful.  Hopefully….seeing the number will put the fear of fat in me….
I don't want to look like a super model, but I sure do want to fit all of my clothing appropriately and not go out and buy more.  
Plus, the less weight I carry the faster I can run.  I think I might surprise myself if I can get rid of the pounds that have really really insidiously came to me….
I am looking at starting to run in races again as a motivation.  No plans to win, just to run with others.  There is a race that appeals in Orlando at the end of June and another that I really want to do at the end of July…..
We'll see….I start night shift and have not done that in 2 years.  It may throw me off, but I think it should be alright.  Last time I did nights, I did some pretty good running… and had one spectacularly bad 5K Thanksgiving race. we'll see.  Right now I am happy to be moving.

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15 thoughts on “a little post about Running.

  1. Good luck with the new training goals and job. Ease back into it and keep it up to make it a routine and in a few months you'll look back at this point in time as just a ebb point of life. Cheers!

  2. I love the doll!! I got on the scales on Friday and decided something had to be done otherwise I will have to go out and buy bigger clothes and I can't really afford to do that. I lost weight while my arm was all trussed up – must've been because it was too hard to get food LOL. but I've put it, plus some extra, back on since. I think because I was not walking enough – too scared that I was going to fall over and re-break the bone.

  3. That's great Katie and I love the doll too. It's what I looked like a couple of months ago. I'm loosing slowly but surely. Just had to retrain myself on how NOT to eat. lol

  4. I love Teulu…I'm glad he's having fun on your runs and that he's also helping to keep you at it. 🙂 I've been working on my treadmill sessions – soon we too will be making team excursions. I am hoping it will improve her spirits too!

  5. It has really improved his random barking at things, and some other little things, like, he lets me trim his nails now, which is a MAJOR victory. I've even started a bit of grooming with scissors…LOL. I've decided for the time being that he goes with me every day but the Long day….Unfortunately this will change as the summer does.

  6. Teulu looks so handsome! Loved his picture! Glad to know that both of you are running together and enjoying it! Glad to know also that your ankle is getting better. Hope you are able to participate in the races and have fun.

  7. Oh, congrats! I'm happy for you. I certainly can see wanting to leave the dog behind on occasion, I think mixing up the routine is good anyway. I tried the eliptical, it's neat but certainly not like the great outdoors at all.
    Kudos for considering a race!! That's brave considering all you've been through. I would love to do a triathalon but I'm not the strongest swimmer, yet.

  8. Good for you! I've tried running with Penny from time to time — but she gets the idea that running is for chasing bunnies and that tends to pull the arm out of my socket! 🙂

  9. Had a GR years ago, such sweet dogs. May I suggest that you have Teulu get his bathroom thing out of the way before you run? Can you take him somewhere like a park where he can do that and then you go running? Just wondering. When I walked our dog, I put him in our yard for 30 minutes before the walk. Made the walk so much more pleasant.

  10. Hi Carol! I always try to have him use the bathroom in the beginning, but I don't know if it''s because he's a he or because he ishimself, he always has to stop and mark up the route, after all it is his….LOL

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