Job job job

I realized that I have not posted about my first day/night on the job.

It went fairly well.
It was a very odd situation as I started at 11 pm on a Holiday, in the middle of a fairly heavy rainstorm.  (think…It was a dark and stormy night).
All in all, it went fine.  The lady they have assigned to orient me is really not like me at all.  I tend to be chatty and effusive.  She tended to be very matter of fact.  So, I am sure it will be an interesting week or two.  She is, however, good at providing information and does give clear feedback, its just not very effusive feedback.  
I worked the full 8 hours and she really didn't say much, but at the end of the shift she did say that she thought I had done a very good job.  I much prefer a lot of feedback, but I am learning to adjust to this sort of thing.
I have unfortunately 4 nights in a row coming up. thats a lot of flip flopping.  
but, I think by the end of the 4 nights I should have the job figured out enough to actually do it…without my very normal orienter….
I was very nervous, but now I think things will be fine. 

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2 thoughts on “Job job job

  1. I am glad the first night went well and that you think things will continue to be good! Hopefully it won't take long to get into a "normal" routine with the night shift too…I personally can't imagine doing that so many many kudos to you!

  2. You'll do great, people value kind, friendly and smart, all of which you seem to be. I've worked with cold, spooky people before…..sometimes they turn out to be just reserved at first. I hope it gets warmer in the environment, don't worry too much about it.

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