New Job….

Alas, I do have another person to add to my stick list, and that would be the nurse who was supposed to help me orient to my new job.

She was a Nasty thing.   
I'm in an awkward situation.  I've been a nurse for 10 years.  I've worked a lot of different Emergency Departments.  I'm not shy.  So I usually can fit in and roll with the punches.  I did not take too well to be told that I had to edit my charting because it was "too much"  and I also did not take well to being told that I couldn't say this or that to patients….Best example:
Drug Overdose patient come in, placed on monitor, labs drawn, samples obtained.  Vital signs normal.  awaiting MD eval.
Mom asks  what is going to be done for patient, why we aren't pumping the stomach.
We don't pump stomach very often anymore as it is dangerous and really isn't that effective.

I say, Well,  Pt A is stable right now, the doctor will be in to see her and decide what we need to do to best help her.
Orienter Nurse says to me:  "You can't tell them she is stable".
ME: You dont think she is stable?
Orienter nurse:  Well, yes she is stable, btu she has had a lot of medicine and will probably become unstable soon.
Me:  But she is stable right now.  If she was not, we'd all be in there doing something to stabilize her.  If she becomes unstable, I will certainly update the family.  
Orienter Nurse:  well you cant say that.
And I'm thinking what Why?  (For the record the patient remained stable for the entire time she was in the department)
luckily the assistant manager was there and I sort of said, do I have to stay with her?  They switched me to a different person- immediately.  
Oddly by the end of that day the new orienter nurse said, "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you and I am looking forward to working with you."  Go figure.  
I can not figure out what the deal was/is with that lady, I suspect that we are just different types of people.  SHe was an ICU nurse for 8 years, and I hate ICU nursing.  She seemed upset that I stated that I had experience with a variety of things that she had not done.  But I can't help it, I worked for a long time at a level One trauma center.  We do stuff, as we receive everything that gets flown out of other hospitals. Her entire career has been at this hospital, so she has no idea what it's like to go to a new place, and I think she might have an issue if she did.  I know she would if she went to the last 2 places I have been.   
Unfortunately, she is well liked in the department and such, and I personally think she is a good nurse, just very rigid.  so I hope she does not try to make my life difficult.  She is going on vacation, so I think I'll just establish myself while she is gone.
Other than HER.  (on the top of my stick list now.)  The job is a piece of cake.  Even when they think they are busy it is pretty nice and slow.  I sat for 2 hours in triage at one point waiting for a patient to arrive.  
I was introduced to a lot of the ladies that have worked around the hospital- they are all friends with my evil nurse orienter.  However, they were also super nice to me and by day 3, I was invited to girls night out, and also a baby shower (nothing more fun than a baby shower for a person you dont know!)….So, I feel welcome!
SO I think it's a good job.  I am just relieved not to have to deal with that woman any more. Except she sure is my co-worker…..yikes.

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4 thoughts on “New Job….

  1. Sometimes I think people like this feel threatened by new employees, especially if the new person is talented. Gah, coworkers. Can't live with em….

  2. Agree that telling the truth is the best. Not telling the truth opens up a whole field of traps to fall into. What downside could there be to telling the mother her daughter's(?) condition is stable?

  3. Hopefully she eases up a bit as things settle more into a routine for you there. If the other ladies are so nice, I am guessing somewhere in there she must be at least a little bit, too. 🙂 Glad everything else seems to be going well so far!

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