running report

For once, all the stress of the new job has not impeded my working out.  

I AM actually incredibly stressed.  But, for some reason I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do except keep going off to work and hoping for the best.
I got on the scale last week and was shocked and amazed.  I have really gained weight.  One would think needing to buy one size larger pants, and a larger swim suit would have signaled that to me, but no it didn't really.  
SO.  I've been running  and improving somewhat…
I still feel like  this guy below.
but it's been good.
I just got a pair of the Tulli's heel cups.  I took my first run in them today, and they were great!!!
One wonders how a big hunk of flexible plastic could make such a difference.
But they do.
I had less pain on the run. My only complaint is that my heels did start to feel sort of friction-y and warmer towards then end of three miles.  But I suppose one gets used to that. 
I finally figured out the distance of a mile  in the pool and have been swimming a mile each time I go to the pool.  It is exhausting.  Takes me 45 minutes.  I find that having a distance to go actually motivates me to swim a little faster, rather than just cruising up and down the lanes.
I've made it a new habit to hit the pool after my shift in the morning.  Some days it is hard as I am exhausted, but most of the time, I think it does me good.  on those days I apparently only swim about a half a mile, but it's still something. I am so happy that I am able to simply pop by the pool right after work as well.  it is definitely more convenient.
I've lost about 4-5 pounds.  Maybe a little too rapidly for certian people's tastes, but I have been eating as well, so I think overall I am alright….
Teulu has stopped running with me at this point as he seemed to abruptly stop enjoying it.  I think he actually had an allergic reaction to IAMS  lamb and rice food,  he got very itchy and licked a sore spot, so he is in the cone of shame and has been switched back to his old food….

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9 thoughts on “running report

  1. Glad to know that you are running and enjoying it! Losing weight is a real bonus! Sorry to know that Teulu has suddenly lost his love for running. Hope he regains it again.

  2. If it's any consolation, I gained about 2 pound over the past 2 weeks and I ate healthy food and worked out, but still the scale told me what I didn't want to see. Sometimes our bodies are riddles.And you have no idea how much I envy you that pool! Damn how I would love to have this opportunity as an additional work out. *sigh*

  3. Swimming is surprisingly hard. Good for you that you're so disciplined. Sorry work is so stressful, that can really wipe me out when work is a huge challenge.
    I loved my Montrail Juras, but they don't make them any more. Good foot support makes a huge difference.

  4. The manservant swears by those heel cups – he walks 9 miles a day when he's here (to and from his office). I can barely swim and I don't run for psychological reasons (LOL) so there is no hope for me. Happy birthday to you for today!! 6/ 13

  5. I wore them last night at work, and while they "felt weird" I found that after the shift was ove my legs hurt a lot less than normal, so I'm with the ManServant!

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