Ranty Rant

so I am going to rant a bit.  

My job is driving me crazy.  
I have 2 days left on this crazy orientation they decided to give me as a gift.   4 weeks..generally whenever I go somewhere I take 2 weeks, and learn the rest of the stuff on the fly as I go along.  Somewhere in these four weeks, i have me 5 different people and personalities.  some nice, some decidedly not nice and a few very high strung individuals.  
Yesterday I could barely get anything done because the person with me kept jumping in and telling me do this, or do that, so anything I was going to do along my plan got very disrupted.  Of course things got missed and chaos ensued.  I will say it might have been less chaotic if the Nurse who was supposed to be helping me had not tied up both the computer I was trying to chart on and the telephone trying to chase down a bounced check for the first 4 hours of her shift.  
oddly the Manager, Assistant Manager and Charge nurse all said everything was going along well.  The chaos was all some of the mix and the things that were missed were easily fixed and not life threatening.  And every one of them is saying I should have come off the orientation a while ago, they just planned it long….arrrugh.  
It is so hard to do a job with constant interruptions from all sides.  
If this job did not pay so well and have such a low volume of patients, I'd be tempted to quit.  But I have to say the actual nuts and bolts are simple.  Trying to navigate the charting and the personalities is almost too much for me.
This morning I get a new person again and luckily, I have met her in the past and we do seem to be the same type of personality.  So we will see.  
And on Sunday night, I FINALLy get to work on my own.   I have a funny feeling things will work out a bit better at that time…….

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3 thoughts on “Ranty Rant

  1. Oh no. So very hard to have a group of people working together. Everyone works at a different pace and style. Drives me MAD!!

  2. Ah…I did not know you were still under 'orientation'. It is extremely frustrating when learning a new job you have several people tell you what is most important. You usually tend to fair much better on your own when there isn't someone breathing down your back all of the time. I know you are anxiously waiting for Sunday night.Best of luck!

  3. Hang in there…Sunday is almost here! Orientation stinks no matter what profession you are in. I can't imagine dealing with four weeks of it for a job I already know.

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