whew job running…

So, i worked yesterday and had a superb day.  My Orienter lady was awesome, the charge was awesome, the nurse working beside me was awesome….and I had fun.  I was surprised that for many moments I actually had a smile on my face.  I definitely had some issues still as I am still learning and am a little slow- doesn't allow me to take care of all the little nice things…that I would like to.
THe only downside was giving report to the night shift nurse.  she was abrupt and actually rude.  But I have decided that is her.  
At about 4 pm, the Manager asked me how I felt about finishing my orientation early.  I said Please.  So it is done.  
I start on my own on Saturday night.  It is bound to be busy.  So I have finally figured out the situation.  Many of the Nurses just really are not very nice people.  So my job on certain days is going to be a little strained until they get used to me.  I'm a very open and friendly person.  It tends to annoy or intimidate people who aren't.   Grrrrr.  My only concern is the trust factor.  Unlike an office, we really work closely together, physically, and for very long hours.  Some times you need assistance, and you have to trust those a lot to help you, so we shall see.
Other than that unpleasant-ness, the actual job is still a great improvement over my last one, so it's an odd mix of happiness and frustration!!!  but I need to concentrate on the people who have been LOVELY to me and really taken me under their wings.  I have tentative plans to run a race with one of the Charge nurses wive's (his wife?) and such, so it's not all bad, but…there is some level of misunderstanding between myself and some of the bitchy ladies.  Could be a lot worse… πŸ™‚
Job stress has been definitely apparent, I have been grinding my teeth a lot and my jaw has been feeling painful, so hopefully that will go away.  Recently I have been having nightmares that have no relation to me, missing children and dead chickens things…also hoping that will go away…
THe job has really worn on me more than it should have.
My Running is going along fairly well.  Not perfect.  I still have achilles pain, and I still have some shin issues where my stress fracture was years ago.  I'm losing some of that extra fat and that has helped a lot…I seem to think I should be going faster but I can not!!!!  Going to run a five K in late July.  It benefits the Children of Africa fund, so of course it means something to me a little.   My big concern is that it's Schedule for 7:30 am start.  sounds nice eh?  In Florida thats looking at a temp of possibly 90 degrees with humidity at 90%. I hope I can finish it without embarrassing myself.     We'll see.  My left knee feels odd everything feels a little sore.  But I do have some time to get some training in… I have been tracking my training on DailyMile.com  It has very colorful graphics and a supportive community…I encourage any runners, swimmers or cyclists to join up, free and fun, whats to lose?                                                                                                                    

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12 thoughts on “whew job running…

  1. I'm glad for you that the Orientation is over. I hope Saturday night goes ok. LOL that 90 degrees and 90% at 7.30am – I don't know how anyone lives any further south than Washington DC!

  2. with one of the Charge nurses wive'sLOL!! You make it sound like he has multiple wives. :^)I'm glad things are settling down and you are slowly but surely figuring your 'place' with the other nurses. I'm a happy bouncy wide open person and I have had the crabby grumpy types just right out hate me—and I didn't even do ~anything~ to warrant that reaction.Good luck with the running and all that it entails. I keep saying I want to start running…but the only part of me getting any of that type of exercise is my mouth—it's in constant motion and never quits. LOL!!

  3. The fact you run at all in the weather you have down there always amazes me! LOL But 90 and 90 is…well, I will be sending you happy, cooling thoughts.

  4. Many of the Nurses just really are not very nice people
    SIL is a nurse and she says the same thing. She often wonders why they are even in nursing as they appear to actively dislike people!

  5. Good luck at your job and your run. Don't worry about "embarrassing yourself." Just get out there and do your best. That's all that matters. I'm sure you'll do fine.

  6. Good luck on your new job! Orientations are usually the hardest- they are boring and there is little work getting done and people are either unhappy or fake cheerful..Hopefully things will get better from here on. You'll do great- everybody needs a happy face in the hospital.

  7. Glad to know that you like your new job though there are a few hitches. Hope you managed Saturday night well. Hope your new job becomes better and better and the nurses who are problematic now, end up liking you very much. Thanks for writing about DailyMile.com. One of my friends runs a lot and participates in marathons and half-marathons. I thought he would love it and have sent him the link to this site πŸ™‚

  8. Sooo awesome about the 5K. Well done. Actually I've been trying to motivate for years to do a triathalon, maybe a charity race would motivate me not to worry about making a fool of myself.
    By the way I watched a facinating Nova program all about nightmares, some German researcher insists it's abthe brain trying to solve problems. This is why children have more primitive dreams than adults.

  9. go for the tri emmi. I think I agree with the german researchers. I always think its our brain serachign through the derbris of the day and discarding stuff….but….thank goodness I have not had too many odd dreams lately. a few yes, but not as many as last week!!! looking forward to seeing more photos of the Cape. If you get a chance, ask them to let you do the Ferry from Point judith to Block Island, a lot more "remote" and the lighthouse there is really beautiful….

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