New Toy

My mom and Dad sent me a small birthday gift of money, which was a little unusual.  I was actually hoping for Murder Mysteries.  (My Dad goes to this lovely local shop and the guy always has good recommendations.)  I guess they didn't realize that.

So I took my small check and finally bought something that I have been craving.  the OLD model second generation ipod shuffle.
I bought the older model because the newer model is not exactly that useful for running.  Apparently instead of the click wheel, they decided to put the controls on the headphones.  when we sweat they get wet and they often malfunction.  With that in mind I went for the tried and true, which was sadly more expensive than the new model….probably because they work so much better.
Now, I get to pick out some new music to put on it too!  I just can not wait to get it!!!

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5 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Yay to hear that Erin. the guy came knocking on my door to deliver it at 1 pm today but I guess my long night at work got the better of me. I'm going to have to pick it up at the Post office…..

  2. That is a wonderful! Interesting, isn't it – how sometimes old models of electronic products are better than new ones 🙂 Hope you enjoy playing music in your new iPod shuffle 🙂

  3. I too have that one in green! I love it…though I don't run, it has been great when I am out walking or on the treadmill. I didn't know about the earphone controls, but I've never been fond of the new shuffle design.

  4. I'm loving it. I only let myself have it on the last mile because I won't be able to use it in many longer distance races. But it really perks up my pace!!! and so so tiny!

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