the usual updates…

the usual updates, the job, the dog, the running!  goodness.

Well, the job has been improving a bit.
I started on my own on Saturday night and all went well.  Sunday night unfortunately I had a patient that screamed all night long and then on tuesday night when I recovered I got another patient that screamed all night long.  Exhausting. I have found some of the staff are tending to be more friendly as time goes by, thank goodness!  I had really had it with some of the not nice behaviors….The department remains pleasantly busy, with very little excitement.    So I am enjoying my job, pretty much.  I still feel pretty nervous that I am missing some sort of charting, but I feel slightly more confident than maybe even I should.
Running is going along well.  I am increasing distance and decreasing time.  I have lost about 6 pounds which has definitely helped a lot.  I need to drop minutes from my time still, but it’s been fun.
I did get my new ipod shuffle, which is a blast.  My Favorite song right now is Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata….made famous by being used in I think a Honda commercial…
Miriam Makeba had a really long life with this song, which is just WONDERFUL.   Here she is in 2007 singing it again.  I so appreciate that she continued to sing this crowd pleaser even though I think after a while she must have gotten really sick of pata pata!!!
At any rate, it definitely got me moving on mile three of my little run this morning.
The dog is tolerating the heat of the summer.  He seems to have abruptly gotten old.  He is quite happy to go out for short one mile walks and snooze the rest of the day.  While this seems sort of sad, actually it is working out for both of us because thats the time I have to give him.  he gets to snooze at my feet for the rest of the day which he seems to really love.  It could also be the heat, however, and come “fall” here he may start to behave crazily again!
I’ve been doing a little bit of cooking as well.  I discovered College Inn makes a coconut curry infused broth for, coconut curry.  it makes it very very easy to make this dish, you put the broth in with potatoes and veggies and a chicken breast or two into the crock pot and 6 hours later add a can of coconut milk, one hour later you have the curry.  I added a little extra tumeric and curry powders but it was really that simple…
I also tried this recipe from recipezaar, a ridiculously slow loading site.  It was called an iranian wash day stew.  As a stew it isn’t much, but if you serve it with the cucumber yogurt, voila, a lovely lovely meal.



  1. 1

    Combine all ingredients in a slow cooker.

  2. 2

    Cover and cook on high for 6-7 hours.

  3. 3

    Serve into pita pockets with a slotted spoon.

  4. 4

    I serve with Hoda’s Cucumber-Yogurt. Combine 32 ounces of plain yogurt with 1 large cucumber peeled and diced (about .5 cm size), a LOT of dill (at least a tablespoon), and salt to taste. (I asked my friend Hoda what it’s called and she told me in Persian. I said, “what does that mean?” “Cucumbers and Yogurt.” Well, okay.).

I foudn that Pita pockets were near impossible to find here in Florida (in my town) so I just ate it in a bowl and it was still quite yummers.

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9 thoughts on “the usual updates…

  1. Though Toyota commercial? Interesting.I have kind of grown up with Mrs Makeba because both my parents been big fans of her since the get go. And she kind of always stayed big in Germany.The Germans seem to have a thing there, holding on to the old musicians. If they don't tour or perform anymore, somehow they still seem to show up in G-land.

  2. I actually wonder about the commerical. I was shocked when I heard it, Makeba has died, so I am wondering exactly who sanctioned it's use, and who is getting the profits from that. Makeba, like Brenda Fassie, remains wildly popular across all of Africa, even after Death (which is how I knew her, from those years of being stuck there.)

  3. Ooh, thank you for the recipe – I love coconut curry. Have you ever had Dahl?
    Glad the job is "stable", so to speak, in medical clinics / hospitals (my only experience is vet clinics) I look back on that time as very stressful, all the time. Now no one's health is at risk if I miss a technicality. Hang in there.
    Yay for jogging! I got to do a bit today as well.

  4. Your first line made me laugh. the job, the dog, the running… LOL Isn't it funny how life is just a dull routine? But think of the alternative with the unexpected happening constantly– I couldn't stand that! Give me the dull routine any day!

  5. Wash day stew..makes perfect sense. The kind of cooking I'm doing these days..put it all in one pot, turn it on, and forget it. There are some good recipes of recipezaar- I agree that its very slow!Congrats on the running!

  6. Miriam Makeba's song is quite nice 🙂 The song also seems to have changed a bit (in the way it is sung) across the years. On the Pita pocket – I am guessing that it is pita bread which is used to wrap things. If my understanding is correct, maybe you can try using a different kind of wrap (if pita pockets are not available) to put this Iranian wash day stew inside and enjoy it 🙂

  7. I love the name of the stew! Thanks for posting the recipe! Congratulations on the 6lb loss – that should help improve your time (though I think I could be the weight of a twig and still not be able to run:-) ). I couldn't put up with someone screaming all night – used to live next door to an aged care home where they had a resident who screamed all day and all night. We used to turn our music really loud in hopes of drowning her out – always felt sorry for her though.

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