Ipod troubles

I just got my new ipod shuffle which has made me entirely happy  during my runs.  I have a strategy, I run one mile or so, then put the shuffle on and rock out mile 2,  take it off for most of mile three and use it again to push through mile 4. Have not run more than 4 at this point in my recovery/training, but I hope to continue in a similar way over the next few miles.   

I have never really run with music in the past for a lot of reasons.
Firstly, I am purist, and I really enjoy hearing the birds sing, and such when I am out.  I also enjoy hearing approaching people/cars/dump trucks.
Secondly, I believe it is important to pay attention to how your body is feeling.  Stride, form etc.  Music seems to distract me from this.
Thirdly, there are sooooo many races that forbid headphone use that it makes sense to train a bit without them.
No one likes to train with a mix of tunes and then feel completely lost without them.
Despite all of this,  there is a lot of evidence that running with music  can increase performance slightly.
This link explains how your heartbeat somehow connects to the beat of the music you are listening to and can actually speed up or slow down in accordance.
Essentially the bigwig researchers are claiming that music can affect the perception of effort during exercise.  
Well, I think it's true.  I've been running really nicely with the ipod.  I'm still struggling with moments here and there but have been doing quite well.
Today my ipod failed to sync up with the computer.  As a result, it won't charge.  As a result, I am driving into Orlando for an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar  this evening.  I surely hope they can fix it….
because lets just say my run today…. felt dismal.  I so wanted the music.  Amazing how quickly one can slide into that!  I'm going to have to be careful.  My plan is to increase my time without the pod  as I increase distance, but we'll see.  Right now the battery won't charge soooo, I might just have to learn it now!
I've never used the Genius bar either before this time, so I am hoping I am very pleased.  My back up ipod Mini is also not connecting to the computer, so I think something is wrong with my usb ports, not the cords.    but we will see…

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4 thoughts on “Ipod troubles

  1. The music and the heartbeat thing makes perfect sense if you think about a baby reacting to the sound of the mother's heartbeat. I would have never thought about it and I'm not a runner, but it makes sense that your body would react to it.

  2. I find that my stride tends to come into pace with the beat of the music. It's pretty funny. I've also noticed the lack of headphones at races (which I agree with) — but when i've raced, it feels very "different" than running with music. I really like your idea of part-time on, part-time off.

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