Life’s Little updates….

Things seem to be coming along fairly well.

I'm still running.  My work schedule got a bit icky this week, and so my running suffered a little bit because the days off and such were not scheduled well.  over all though the running is coming along well.  I have lost now about ten pounds of my injury weight, so of course suddenly I am running a little faster than before.
I'm still loving the ipod.  My favorite new song remains Ace Frehley's New York groove, btu I have added in some Bellamy Brothers as well….I know I shouldn't use the ipod so much but it is just so much fun!
It's a lot of gadgets.  I would really hate to  start looking like this dude!
I'm going to jog a 5K race in 2 weeks.  My big goal will just be to finish and try very hard not to just some how blow up on pacing.
I'm  most pleased that I have been running over a month, injury free.  lovely.  
Been doing a lot of swimming as well.  The pool has stopped being a jerry Springer Show  and crowding is down, it has been great!
Work has improved.  We have had a few very bad nights lately.  Last night I had to give patients a lot of bad news, and then the computer system went down very unexpectedly, which is sort of a large disaster for us since we now rely on Electronic medical records so much.  THe Physician who is a moody sort, freaked out and got angry but not mean, just very angry.  It was hard to know what was ordered and what wasn't, and documentation went all the heck.  
At the end of the night I got a Fist bump from the Charge Nurse, which I really appreciated, as sometimes I feel like the charge gets very annoyed with my questions!
May have been also because a few of the nurses actually burst out into tears when they had the charting problems.  That was an overreaction…just getting the papers and sucking it up was the better reaction.
I'm also thrilled because I think I have had a fairly positive influence on the Charge.  he was talking to me and said, "Yes we had a horrible night, now what do we do to erase it…do we drink or try to sleep or what?"  I said, well, I'm just going to do laps at the pool it tends to feel relaxing….
Surprisingly he said, "You know I think thats a better idea, I think I'll go play some basketball, thanks for the suggestion."  I'm not totally against drinking, but I am totally against drinking at 7:00 am after a nasty shift…it can develop bad habits that can be hard to deal with over life.  So…I'm glad I didn't just give the standard reply, of, "Who's got the beer"…
So work is going fairly well.  The computer glitch made it quite difficult for us to function, so I hope it won't happen again for a while!!!
My Container Garden is Exploding!  I have only a few plants, but all of them have been growing out of control….My Pink elephant ear plant that I thought had died over the cold winter spell now has some leaves that are bigger than my head!!!!  and the zinnias I planted in February for the 64 days of Non violence experience, they are blooming beautifully!  I think watering them with the waste water from the fish tank is what is causing the huge growth explosion!
Signs have sprouted up all over town for Gulf Oil Clean Up Jobs….12-15 dollar an hour jobs.  I have actually seen two people stopping walking or driving to write down the numbers.  I do want people to have jobs, but I am still so sad about the special areas for wildlife that are pretty much irreparable.  I'm hoping to make sure I go to the Everglades for a week or two this year before it gets totally oiled up.  Have not been doing much photography, as the heat is just overwhelming lately.  
Oh and for all of you bibliophiles out there or scrabblers or game players, I just want to push my current favorite On Line Game Babble!!!!  Check it out at  it's highly addictive though so be warned!!!!!
tomorrow Starts a new training week for me so hopefully my mileage will increase!!!!  

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8 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates….

  1. I'm glad that running is continuing to go well for you. Sorry to hear about the hard week at work. I'd think even normal days would feel stressful and crazy to me!

  2. The dependence on electronic records does present certain problems, doesn't it. The hospital I go to is fully electronic, and what I notice is that some of the reports are very incomplete. On the other hand, they are able to look up past scores on various tests, and graph them, very quickly. I suppose it is a mixed bag.

  3. It's a funny thing. It is excellent for pulling up Medication lists and history lists when we get an unresponsive person, or someone who states, "I dont have any health problems" but you can see the Coronary Bypass scar right on the chest…But when it goes down…then we have to rely on people's shady memories when they are feeling unwell. Plus we are unable to view xrays and such. BUt it is the way of the future. We would never be able to find old paper charts as quickly….

  4. *fist bump* that's so cool that the running is going well and that you are having a good influence at work. I miss swimming. I think that's why I've been kind of cranky. I'm used to swimming twice a week during the school year…
    But you are's better to release stress by exercising. I totally agree with you on that…
    Also, good luck on your 5 K! My friend just did one 26 min. I'm like..dang..I'm the slowest runner in the world! I always blame my height but whatever.

  5. I'm so happy for your running success! Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. You're totally going to kick butt in the 5K. I like that your coworker was persuaded to take a more productive path. I used to drink like a fish – I stopped after I quit smoking. I had no idea how nasty alcohol is on the body and the mind. Running gives me a way better high. Swimming too, I love swimming.
    Sigh, how sad about the Everglades. Depressing as it is to read about it, I can't imagine what it's like where you are. I'm so sorry you guys have to endure this.

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