Running for Africa

Well, I did run the 5k.

    It was an odd run and by the end it qualified as painful.
First it started at 7:30.  By that time in Florida is was already about 84 degrees and super humid.  Add in a crowd of people and you have instant energy suck, and feeling like one is breathing through a warm wet washcloth.
Still, I managed to find it and get it together with shoes and shirt and such to run.  
I had not registered early so I went ahead and registered.  My one complaint is that I paid the late fee of 30 bucks with two twenties and the ladies never asked me if I wanted my ten bucks in change.  
I don't mind making a donation, but I would have like my ten bucks!
I got a nice t shirt, that is a bit thin  with this awesome logo  placed on it, so that was excellent.  Most times I just wear the shirts, but this one I especially like.  
THe race finally started and I was surprised that the first mile really flew by.  I had my best mile time of this summer in that first mile.  Unfortunately it lead to me being cocky and thinking I was going to finish well ahead of my projected time.  
By the second mile, we were out of the shade and the sun was really beating down on us.  There was a little bit of hills but they were the FLorida hills, very small elevations, so…nothing to worry about.  But the heat and the sun really got me. 
I ended up doing a lot of walking in miles 2 and three.  and slowing my time waaaay down to my actual PERSONAL WORST time for my life. 
I knew it might be bad when towards the end people who should not have been passing me were passing me and I just could care less.  I was just happy to finish.
At the end they did have some awesome booths and I wish it had not been so hot or I would have hung round some more for the freebies…
I did pick up a free protein shake from  mix1life.  It looks like it might become a recovery drink for me during some longer runs, as it is one of the few fruit flavored shakes that does not include any Bananas.  Since I am allergic to bananas, I have to be very careful about fruit shakes.  I guess bananas are inexpensive so they are used a lot.
I chatted a bit with others and enjoyed the whole running event buzz.  it was a low key event so that was a great start for me back into the world of running in large groups of people.
I plan to do another race in about 2 weeks, hoping to improve on the time….which should not be too hard!

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9 thoughts on “Running for Africa

  1. thanks S. kitty! It was my personal worst, but considering how much pain I was in last July, this felt like an accomplishment. I did enjoy crossing the finish line and all that. So not a total loss!!!

  2. I'm in awe, Katiebell. To think just a short while ago you were injured, this is quite an accomplishment. Plus this heat, UGH! I think we all go through ebbs and flows. I think you did great, and I love that t-shirt as well.

  3. "I don't mind making a donation, but I would have like my ten bucks!" – Simple. Next time, just ask! Congrats on finishing the event. In that humidity, it takes a kind of chutzpah to complete it.

  4. I would havem I think in my hurry to get my number on and get the t shirt etc back to the car, I didn't realize it until it was waaay too late to ask. I registered for another race coming in 2 weeks and made sure to do it on line ahead of time, so as to avoid the same race day madhouse situation!

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