Cooking again!

So I am back to cooking again a little.  

Tonight I am making  Steelhead trout!
I don't have a grill like this one, so I will be doing some more updated broiling in the oven.
I bought the Steelhead today because it looked so much better than the salmon.  I am a firm believer in fresh fish.  Fresh foods in general, but especially fish.  The minute fish begins to smell "fishy"  there is a problem with it.
Luckily Frankie, the fish guy at Publix is very tolerant of me.  He always cuts off the fish skin for me and finds really nice cuts.  
After I bought the steelhead though I was faced with a dilemma, as I had never prepared  it before.
Luckily with a little bit of research I learned that it is a very close relative to rainbow trout and also salmon itself.
Some persons on the net were pushing specific steelheed recipes, but I found 2 different blogs that had very specific instructions  that both said using any salmon recipe would do fine.   So, the steelhead (minus the head of course)  is broiling away in a plain lemon pepper mix.  
I'm going to serve it up with a spinach/tomato salad and  Quinoa.  
I think it will qualify as a healthy and nutritionally sound meal!

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4 thoughts on “Cooking again!

  1. lol, you could whip one of those up in the backyard surely
    sounds delicious – althought I've never seen trout for sale here – not here in Australia, just here where I live.

  2. OMG that recipe sounds great! I learned recently that quinona has lots of protein. Spinach and tomato too sounds great. It's nice that many talented home cooks are willing to share their knowledge.

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