Race Report “Walk on Water” Safehouse 5K

I ran another 5K today.  

It was a race to support a safehouse in Seminole County Florida..  Click here  to see what the safehouse does. 
One thing I had not been thinking about was how domestic violence affects young children.  Prior to the race there were several names of very young children who had been killed by parents in the last year.  It was rather sobering and it put into context how the importance of the mission of the Safe house of Seminole County.
I do want to thank the promoters for that because without that context, I might have just quit the race!
It was an interesting race with a lot of difficult problems.  There were also some high points…
To start with the race is put on by a high end boutique that caters to women.
You can even order some things on line…so  check out Walk on Water.
Probably because of this, they had one of the best Goodie bags I've ever gotten at a 5K.  It had some strange things in it, but it had actual things in it, not just advertisements.  The best thing was that the bag was a reusable shopping tote, and not just another plastic bag!  Inside were post-it notes from an allergist office, multiple samples of biofreeze, which I love for soreness but can not always afford (Ice works pretty well too…), a keychain, a drink cup, a few packs of 100 calorie cookies, and indeed the constant, a new t shirt.    I am happy to have the biofreeze, and the tote is great.  I've been working on using them at the market…
The course had tons of volunteers in Pink shirts who did a great job at pointing out the way (which was needed).  Most of them were rather unenthusiastic, but towards the end, we got the more motivational volunteers.  They did help me towards the end.  
There was a ton of very very cold water at the end, which was very needed as it was again very hot.  
Now for the problems with the race.
THey did not rent any portapotties, and were relying on the restroom in the store which was a single.  As you can imagine, the line was huge and people were having issues.  I luckily just used the one in the Publix where I parked… 
It was a problem however.  While Portajohns are not that awesome, they are so expected at races that Brooks, a shoe company now has special potty-vans which you can get a pass for at some races:
The course itself wound through a series of Parking lots…
No joke.
I saw a lot of parking lots in Seminole County.  I kept thinking that it was just a quick trip, but actually the entire course seemed to spread through a variety of parking lots…. Well, you know how heat seems to radiate form the macadam?  and sometimes people do things in parking lots that they shouldn't (see above image)  and then they are not the most pleasant places to hang out?    Yeah.  That was it.  for 3 miles and change we tooled around the parking lots.  No trees for shade, just parking lots and orange cones.  
For the parts that were uncontrollable by the race organizers…
This race had the local Presby Church as one sponsor so they decided to have a prayer right before the race.  A Physician, running for county commissioner, stood beside me and talked so loudly all the way through it.  She lost my vote.  I wish I had gotten her name, would have loved to use Facebook to advertise that.  She was just so wrapped up in herself.  She was not however the only one who kept talking and was very rude actually.  
Walkers, although told to get to the back insisted on starting in the front and walking 5-8 deep.  In addition, people who were running and needed to stop and walk had never been told to move to the side, so again 5-8 deep they would stop and walk, right where they were, blocking progress of others.  THis was actually quite annoying…it usually isn't such an issue, but it was a narrow start and so…
It was Hot.  I mean it's August in Florida.  I actually started to drip sweat waiting for the race to start which is unusual.  
But of course no one can control the heat.  
I enjoyed this race as it was not chip timed.  We had a time clock at half way and at the end.  I also had my garmin, so no real need for a chip.  I think that kept a lot of the very competitive people away.  
And I did not have a new personal worst time!  
So Kudos for the money raised for a cause that I care about!  Kudos for the great volunteers.
Unkudos for the lack of potties!!!!  and unkudos for some of the racers with bad race etiquette!!!!
Will I do it next year?  Depends on what I am up to, but I might…especially if the course changes….that parking lot tour was not very satisfying.

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5 thoughts on “Race Report “Walk on Water” Safehouse 5K

  1. Good job Katiebell! Hey, kudos to you for running a race in this heat period let alone in Florida! Sounds like a great cause too. I would think someone would have thought about potties though. Lord help! Sounds like a nice little goodie bag too.

  2. Hello..Just dropped in..getting settled in the job and things I guess..the race sounds kind of fun..those things are always the result of too many planners..and the judgement levied against the result by those actually suffering those plans..I always find reilief in going with my wife and laughing or turning my head politely at the everything..from ignoring basic needs..to saving money at the expense of God knows what..for no discernable reason..I bet you are there next year..if you are able..Peace Tony

  3. Good for you! I think it's great to do something for charity like that. I also am always amazed at the walkers' tendency to NOT go to the outsides and sort of stay out of the way of runners — though with the recent paces I've been running, I'm not sure I'm much faster than a walker!! 🙂

  4. How sad people have to be instructed to move out of the way if they need to slow down and/or walk. The not moving aside thing is one of my life pet-peeves…and I don't even run races. People who stop or slow down in the middle of shopping isles drive me insane. If you are in someone's way, move (if you can). I understand sometimes it is unavoidable, but then recognize that you are in a tight spot…acknowledge the person trying to get around and let them know you will move as soon as you can. Common courtesy…it seems gone from everything.

  5. Congrats again, I am impressed. We just staffed a triathalon recently and it seemed so important to be enthusiastic and supportive. In that heat, the racers need all the good cheer they can get. Some races can be so scattered and not logical. Hopefully someone says something so it can be better next year.
    You did great, though, and what an amazing charity.

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