Van Fleet Trail

I took the dog to the Van Fleet trail for a bit of exploration yesterday.

He has been rather antsy for a week or so, what with the stormy weather and my work and running schedule, I decided he needed a nice long walk.
He drove me nuts the entire time.  But..I still got to see a new part of Florida.
THe Van Fleet trail is another rails to trails project.  It is about 30 miles long and very popular with cyclists.  I thought I might use it as an alternative to the West Orange Trail.  I might but not too regularly as I discovered it is further away than I thought it was.
THe trail itself is extra-ordinarily flat.  like pancake flat for pretty much the entire length.  The other issue I had with it was that the tree coverage is sparse.  There are trees, but they don’t form a canopy so there was no real shade.
THe cool thing is that the trail while used is not as populated as the West Orange Trail.  WHich gives wildlife a chance to live…  THe thing that really struck me was that the Butterflies were of a rather large size out here.  I apologize for the photos…
Teulu the wonder dog got very wound up and gave the camera several good shakes each time I tried to get a good photo…
Here he is at the trail crossing.   the red thing beside him is a canvas bowl that my Mom bought him for these expeditions.
As you can see it works out well for him.  I like that it is flexible and rolls up to be put into a bag when not in use!
Well as I said the trail was pretty non descript.
It seems to go on and on like this for miles and miles….
but… because it is sort of in the middle of nowhere there does seem to be some nice wildlife enjoying life there.
I was immediately shocked by the enormous size of the butterflies there….
Unfortunately because of the dog I had a terrible time getting any good shots…
You can see the camera shake on the right side of the image….
Ugh.  I had never photographed this particular butterfly before so I  got rather disappointed, but, when you take a bundle of dog energy on a leashed walk with a camera this does happen.
Luckily other creatures were more accomodating..
I still had a lot of trouble getting stuff in focus and the sun bleached out a lot of stuff, but….
At least I know whats out there now…
I’d like to go again.  on a less hot day!

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