Life’s little updates

It's about time for some updates.  

Lets see.
My Job is going along well.  Once night after being offered days, I jumped at it.  It was a busy night and then I could barely get up to go do it again, so…I decided to give it a try. 
It is well known that working night shift puts people at risk for a variety of diseases and other health problems.  In addition to it being hard on the social life.  I'm a little tired of being obsessed with sleep.
I will miss the extra money  but I think over time the health benefits will outweigh the money.  I will also miss many of my night colleagues, as well as some of the night things that we can not do during the day.  (Like eating at the desk, and playing music loudly, and such.)  
However, I will be doing something nice for my body, and also getting away from one of the night charge nurses who, while nice, seems to have it a bit "out for me"  She continually assigns me very difficult assignment and chooses the most difficult patients for me.  SO far, even that has not been that bad, but…I think things may be a bit more fair with the day shift charges.  
One nice surprise has been than most people who I have told have responded that they would like to keep working with me.   The other night charge, Charles just looked at me and said, "Gee WTF"  and repeated that through the night.  I like working with him, so I will miss that.  
Transferring to the new shift will be a little stressful.  I hope not as stressful as starting the job!  The manager told me she would let me know when I could start to pick up days.  It should be I imagine some time in September.
     Date boy from Tampa has finally left me alone.  It took him longer than any normal person to leave me alone.   His response to the last email I sent him, was "Lets persue a friendship!!" to which I just gave up.  I have not emailed him, or left him any comments on the training logs (which are public).  He has occasionally left me some comments but in not responding to them, he seems to have gotten the point.
I also emailed his sister, my friend, letting her know that I just could not date him.  She was awesome and begged me though to be his friend, which is just not happening.  I did not tell her that though.
Running!  Running has been FUN lately.  There seems to be a lot less pressure on me after this injury.  Ijust frankly don't care that much about time.  
Last weekend I ran a 5K in the Western part of the state.  It was a benefit for Ovarian Cancer.  I can really get behind this as Ovarian Cancer is pretty much a cancer that is deadly and is ignored often in favor of Breast Cancer.  
The course was a complete shocker!  Never have a run a race where a sign was placed in the middle of the course saying "SLOW DOWN!"  As it turns out, the reason was that there was a huge steep downhill right after the sign.  I, and everyone else, had to slow way down in order not to fall down.  Of course what does down, usually goes up also in the running world.  
The slow sign made an appearance a few more times…so my time was also a bit slow.  No matter, I still enjoyed it.  
The course was part of an old quarry, thus the ups and downs.  It really ended up being a nice run and I could see progress.  Even though the time was not that great it was as good as my first 5K this summer and the course was much more challenging.
I'm going to run another 5K in a few weeks.  This itme I looked carefully at the course description and chose a course that is by a lake, described as "flat"  and also described as "shaded the entire route"  so that should make things more fun!
I'm slowly increasing my miles and hoping to run a 15 K that benefits Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in September.
Today I increased to 6 miles and find I am rather regretting it.  Ouch!
I have finally lost about 15 pounds of the injury weight, so that plus the drop in temps by 1-2 degrees seems to be helping the running a lot.
Anne and I are planning on running a half marathon in March 2011.  She has joined me on the daily mile and I really love having someone training with me!
My sister has finally gotten on Facebook.  It is so great to be able to facebook with her, rather than try to hold a phone conversation with her while her kids are running about and getting into trouble!  (NO more interupted talking with her shouting, "No! no you'll get hurt!)….
My Uncle is dying of Bladder cancer, and people are taking it hard, especially my Grandmother, and my Aunt.  My Aunt Dixie is a lovely person, she has sacrificed so many things to help care for my Grandmother and Grandfather and her husband.  My Uncle apparently is being very difficult.  He has always cared a great deal about his appearance, and thus has tried to hide most of this from the family.  I anticipate travel to Indiana soon…
Teulu is doing fine, it's summer, it's hot, and he is furry so not too much activity for him!
with that, I am taking a nap!

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8 thoughts on “Life’s little updates

  1. It sounds like life on lots of fronts is moving along nicely in a good direction. I'm glad the guy finally got the hint. Great on the running! If only I had such motivation to join you and Anne. I'll be part of your support group.

  2. My Grandma had bladder cancer and walked around with a catheter in place for a long time and did chemo/radiation as well. We thought she had the cancer beat but on her one year check-up they found that it was back again. This time Grandma said. I'm done. Enough is enough and I don't want to fight this thing again. She was told that it would take several months for the cancer to get bad enough to signify the beginning of the end. We were told she would make it three to four months….through the holidays but probably not to February. She was well enough to come to Jordan's 1st birthday party and wrote Chris's Grandma a really sweet note telling her that a good time was had by all and stock in Fisher Price and Hallmark had to have gone up by the end of the weekend. She died 10 days later. (why did I just take over your post with my Grandma story?) Grandma was a true Southern Lady and never ever went out and about unless she was dressed nice, her hair was done, and she looked lovely….always. I hope your uncle doesn't give his caretakers a lot of grief. It must be hard to have been so concentrated on ones appearance and then having this happen. ♥♥♥(((hugs)))♥♥♥ to you. I guess what got me started was to let you know that I hadn't heard of bladder cancer until my grandma got it. Your uncle is the second person I have ever heard of having this type of cancer.Glad you are running better, lost some weight (but not too much!), the job seems to be going good and the poor hot doggy just biding his time waiting on winter to arrive in Florida so he has a day or two of respite from the 'hot'.

  3. bladder cancer is mostly caused by smoking, and apparently there is a link also to diet soda consumption. My Uncle is a heavy smoker. I am a consumer of diet soda, I love it. I really need to cut back more….

  4. So sorry to hear about your Uncle. That is such a difficult thing. May he be blessed and be as comfortable as possible.
    I think you were smart to take the day shift! Who knows, sometimes people just have to warm up to you. Plus, if you really hate it, I've heard that night shift positions open all the time. I had a few biology studies that went all night – Pffft. Exhausting and it's impossible for me to sleep in broad daylight!
    Glad the guy finally left you alone, and huge congrats on running. I can't believe how many races you run!

  5. Races, or as I consider them, "Running with a large group of people" are a fun way to give back to the community for me. It also gets meout of a training rut to see what others are up to, since I train alone. I tend to avoid the profit type ones, like the Disney races, and instead go for the ones raising money for things….

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