some cool things that “help” the environment….

I'm not always the most tree hugging person.  

Yes, I do drive a Toyota Prius and yes, I fill my gas tank approximately 1 time per month…
But, I also sometimes do some things that are awful for the environment.  We do not have recycling here in Clermont, so I take my plastic stuff to the gym where they do some plastics recycling.  But, I drank coffee from a styrofoam mug the other day.  ugh.
My issue is that I actually do not like the way coffee tastes in a plastic travel mug.  It is just never right.  
L.L. Bean, not a very environmental company seems to have solved this problem!
This looks like a cute paper cup from a coffee shop.  It is actually a ceramic double walled coffee mug with a silicone lid!
It comes in lovely colors and is only 15.00  
THere is the issue of dropping it, but…how often do we drop mugs in general?  
I'm begging for one for the holidays.  My parents love to shop at beans so anytime I find something from there that I like I tend to ask them for it….
I think I might just order one now as well, never bad to have 2.
I also just found this exercise clothing brand that I like a lot….
Paradox.   I am a little confused, as the clothing is sold only through  Even though it lists a website no such site can be found.  I hope the company did not fold.
Paradox makes wicking material shirts and such.  100% from recycled soda bottles!  The shirt I got was on sale, for 10.00  it is wicking  has some UV protection (though its short sleeved, sooo…) and antibacterial.  The antibacterial seems a bit strange, but if you think about the amount of sweat that comes out of people and sits in a shirt before it is washed, it seems like an awesome idea.  
The shirt is perfectly fitting and had a cute little flower logo at the right hand corner.  
those are my cool new things…
Perhaps I can ditch the styrofoam….

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11 thoughts on “some cool things that “help” the environment….

  1. That cup is adorable! One company made the point that, we all use glass juice bottles, and we don't normally go around dropping those. I despise plastic travel mugs (plus they get scratched and hold in bacteria, and in the end it's still plastic and wears out quick).
    I use the stainless steel travel mugs, they last forever and keeps coffee nice and hot. We love the wicking material for exercising!

  2. I forgot to mention for some reason the stainless steel gives me a metallic taste that is probably only imagined. I may have to order 3! just to have some different patterns. I am clearly crazy, as I need to cut back now that I am going back to days!

  3. I am with you and the plastic travel mugs…I tolerate the stainless steel ones because unfortunately I _am_ a klutz getting in and out of my car and drop my mug fairly routinely. LOL But that is adorable – maybe if I knew it would break I'd be more careful?

  4. We had a couple of the stainless steel mugs start making our coffee taste metallic. I tossed them and got some different ones that are double walled and insulated. I have started drinking more coffee lately. I know it is not healthy at all after I get done 'doctoring' it up. However, I don't ever buy coffee from Starbucks or anywhere else….so, there's that savings. Very very fattening, my coffee….four sugars and only fill the cup a little over 3/4s full so there is plenty of room for my Bavarian Chocolate Creamer….this is coffee that I can drink even long after it's gotten cold.

  5. I found that some "stainless steel" mug companies, especially the bottled water ones, are proprietary on the material. In other words, it's not 100 percent stainless steel and the lining may be a freaky metal instead.
    Who knows, maybe it's something else. But one thing I found out is it's dangerous to use hot water on them, especially if the lining has nickel.

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