Running on Island Time, 5k race report.

  I had actually decided not to do this race because of my work schedule.  But…the Charge Nurse let me go home at 9 pm, rather than 11 last night, so on the spur of the moment I decided to go!

I maybe should not have in retrospect.  
But it worked out fairly well. 
This race was put on to benefit the Divine Mercy Catholic School, in Merritt Island, Florida.  Merritt Island is really an Island, It houses a lot of the Space Coast Stuff, as well as the Kennedy Space Center.
This is the 5th year that they have held this race and I will say, Divine Mercy Catholic School and Church really does know how to put on a race…. all excepting for one thing, which I will get to later….It was a pretty nice event!
   For a 20.00 entry fee, we were gifted with a Tech T shirt, as well as a nice reusable cotton bag from a local Orthopaedic office.  
Most runners will tell you it's hard to find a technical t shirt for under 20.00.  I got a large but should have gotten a Medium, so its a bit roomy on me.  I am going to really enjoy running in this shirt as it wicks, and for some reason I love the fact that it says "Divine mercy"  in great big letters.  Dunno why that appeals to me so much, but it does.
    In accordance with the Island theme….. They had a steel drummer to entertain us ahead of the race and after.  The music was nice and peaceful and uplifting.  He was also very accommodating in letting many of the children explore his drum…
 The entire race was very kid friendly.  The beginning of the race involved a Color guard presentation by the Brownies, a very nice rendition of the National anthem by the choir….and a blessing from the Father at the church.
We then all lined up on the road for the start.  I do wish that the start has been with an air horn because I never heard any signal to start, people just starting running.  
Merritt Island is really really Flat.  Amazingly so.  The only hill I encountered was a speed bump.  The race went on the road for a shirt time and then wound around a residential neighborhood.  It was a step above the parking lot 5k, but just a step.  Pretty boring route.  Also no shade.  At one point the sun just blasted down as the sun was coming to full power.  It was HOTT.  But it is August in Florida.  When will I learn that it will be hot?  I had a theory that the sea breeze would cool things off, yeah, right….
Anyway.  This race had a ton of water stops.  4 opportunities to get water on a 3.1 mile course, pretty nice.  
I was looking intently for the clock at the finish line because I knew my Garmin was off by about 0.06 of a mile, since I couldn't hear the start I had to struggle to start my watch, so I was looking for the exact time.  
When I got to the finish there was a high schooler handing out these numbers which you printed your name on.  This is a fairly old way of scoring a race.  And it seems she handed me either the wrong number or something else.  THis is my only complaint.  I distinctly saw my time and recorded it into my memory.  I was a little diappinted in my time, but it was still an OK time for me this summer. 
   When I went to check the board I saw my official time written on the slip over 1 minute and a half slower than I was based on their time clock…..   My garmin said I completed faster but that was because it started late, and it was lacking the beginning of the race. 
    I don't really know how that happened but it has irritated me to no end, which is strange because I ran the race to run it, support the school, whatever.  I was not in the running for any awards.  But yet, I still find it irritating that the time was so off.  My theory is that the students handing out the slips and recording the times were a little distracted by the end of the race, or something.  I'm still waiting on the "official results"  but I've decided the time I burned into my brain when I crossed the line is the time I'm going to use.
After the race they oddly had a frost your own cupcake bar!  As well as tons of bagels fruit and spreads.
And tons of water.  People seemed to enjoy hanging out and chatting.  I was surprised at how many people were running in compression sleeves.  I think RUnning Zone, must be pushing them, as I have not seen them in such frequency any where else.  They are also not really recommended totally for actually running, as much as they are for wearing after run for recovery.  Usually I see one of two people in them, but here, it was like 1 in 5.  
    One more AUgust race next weekend.  Its supposed to be shaded.  We'll see!  I Imagine it will be hot!
So would I do the race again?  Probably, I'd be more interested if they had chip timing.  
I'd prefer the chip timing over the cupcakes, but hey it was a school function, and kids love cupcakes.  I might even prefer chip timing over the tech shirt, but probably not.  

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8 thoughts on “Running on Island Time, 5k race report.

  1. Worrying about these little details will negate the reason you run races–for charity and to reduce your stress and improve your health. Let it go. Garmin devices, being GPS based, are not 100% accurate so the 1/10ths of a mile matter not. Congrats on running it and finishing. Cheers!

  2. Oh yeah I got off work early so I did a fun run! Do you know how that makes we couch potatoes feel? Don't be so hard on yourself about times – you achieve more than most people!

  3. You are so right! I really enjoyed this race so much. I think I was actually already disappointed in the time I ran. I have a goal for my 5K time to achieve this summer, and so far I'm about a minute too slow… The most important thing is that I was able to go out and run it. No agonizing pain or anything like that. THanks Haliku!

  4. I don't know why it only posted my first sentence as my comment, but here is the rest of it:
    Chip timing is definitely the way to go! I still don't know what my "official" time was from the race because I had to leave early. I only go by my Garmin anyways. Actually, Running Zone can't seem to keep the compression sleeves in stock because there is such a high demand for them. I think you are seeing a lot of them because some of the best runners in the area wear them, so it's catching on. In addition to helping with recovery, they help regulate your body temperature (they do not make you feel any hotter believe it or not!), reduce incidence of shin splints and help keep your calves feeling looser because they increase blood circulation. Their efficiency can be argued, of course, but I have felt a significant difference in my calves since I started wearing them – for runs, as well as recovery. But that's just my opinion!
    So, which race is supposed to be in the shade? I don't believe I've ran a shaded race in Brevard yet! Thanks for sharing your race experience!

  5. Sounds like a fun run – though I think I'd rather have an ice-block (popsicle type of thing) than a cup cake if I was ever to do a run. I like the Divine Mercy on the tee – that's what I would need to finish a fun!!

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