Not sure what to think of this….

So I've been running now for a little over 3 months injury free.  I've had some pain in the achilles but…for the most part it seems to be alright.

As far of getting back into shape I've been running with my Ipod Shuffle.  It has made it more fun and given me something to concentrate on other than my huffing and puffing.
In the past week, I finally hit 7 miles at a fairly OK pace.  I think it was mostly thanks to the MARINE Corps…..

These guys do cadences in what they call a "Hip Hop" style.  Not sure if they are or were Marines, or if this is really a Hip Hop style, but ti definitely kept me moving through mile number 5. 
So Much so that I went to itunes and got THIS:

SO, now  when I run, interspersed with the other music that I like I have a Hip Hop Drill Sergeant and his team yelling in my ear.  And I like it.  
I feel a bit guilty as I am rather against War, and will never in my life carry a firearm  or serve in the Armed Forces.  Not my thing.  But yet, each time one of these Cadences comes on, my pace gets in time and I become energized.  I can add that I do have respect for those serving in the Military.  it's a very difficult situation and I respect the choices that others make, AND I am actually grateful that their choice to serve, allows me a choice not to.  (freedom of Religion).  That said, I'd really prefer these talented young men and women not have to go and get killed.  
I'm not sure it's possible to reconcile the two.  But perhaps it can be my little secret?  (that I just shared here.)
If the guys did a "ain't gonna study war no more" Cadence , I'd run to that too!  It would be Awesome!  But they don't. At least most of the call and response is about being tough and motivated…both things i aspire to…. the part about the 
"killin and a Stabbin"  does actually still have me a little wee bit disturbed.  Deep down I keep telling myself that they are shouting so much I can really understand them and they are saying something different.

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3 thoughts on “Not sure what to think of this….

  1. OMG! I'm going to look at that. I grew up as a Navy brat. And we spent all our time on the bases in SD. I kind of miss it. My brother's in the Navy. I thought I would join but then I realized I have a problem with authority figures and am too emotional. Anyway, I will have to look these up in iTunes or Amazon. It does keep your pace. Have you ever watched Marines or military personnel training? All in sync all timed correctly. It's actually pretty neat to watch…like a dance team but tougher and in camos! 🙂

  2. Very good — I don't think there's anything wrong with appreciating and admiring the military, while disagreeing with the politics that chooses some of their missions.

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