racing tomorrow

I have my final 5K race for a while tomorrow. 

I've ran really well for the last couple of weeks I seem to be hitting some time goals finally and am feeling pretty happy about the whole thing.
And for some reason I want to run a certain time on Saturday.
I am sure I can do it if I just plan and strategize correctly. 
And so now I have a ton of expectations placed on me, by me.
It's a strange thing, this could go either way.  I could either hit all my target marks and come away quite happy, OR, I could simply blow up somewhere on the course and never recover.  In a 5K run there is no time to recover, I either hit it or I don't.
SInce it's my last one for the summer, I sort of want to hit it, especially after the last race the timing was so disappointing to me.  
Wow…  I am actually getting nervous.  sort of silly since I have no hope of placing, or anything, i just wantmy time to reflect my actual time this go round.

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6 thoughts on “racing tomorrow

  1. I wish you very good luck and hope that you do well, but more importantly I hope that you have fun and are proud of what you do. I think that it's great that you doing this and enjoy it!

  2. Hello..As you run more..your body developes to the task..then one has more to work with..sounds like a good thing..make that time you want..if not this time..when you said..a good thing..Peace Tony

  3. Doesn't it stink with this physical stuff, I find day to day I never know just how I'm going to fare. Don't overthink it, just go for it. So many factors we can't control, just know you're a great athlete and it's a crapshoot for even the top runners.

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