moving right along….

My internet was not working properly for 3 days.

This seemed like a total crisis for me, but of course it isn't.  However….. It was really interesting to me.
When I went to college the first time around…there was no internet.  
It's amazing how things have changed.  
Without the internet here are some things I could not do this week.
1. check my work schedule from home.
2. request time off from work.
3. register to run a race in october.
4. Pay several bills.
Admittedly, I could go to Panera and easily tap into their internet.  but it drove me nuts not to have the net to look up things and such.  I wanted to log a run because I felt as if I had not run if I couldn't log it.
How did we ever live?  For certain we were far more focused locally, and we didn't get news very fast….
In other news, it appears I will finally get back to DAY shift in about 3-4 more weeks.  It can not come soon enough.  I got very tired while wrangling with the internet company and ended up getting sent home from work on Monday ill.  I am not sure I was really ill, or just exhausted.  I slept almost 12 hours.  
Today I still feel tired and groggy.  I might be sick, but it isnt very defined, more just tired and chilled and headachy, which is more like sleep deprivation.
Soooo,  we shall see.
trying a few new salmon recipes, which if I find any extraordinary ones, I'll post here.
there is one with white beans and salmon which might be good…we will see…

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3 thoughts on “moving right along….

  1. Looking forward to the salmon recipes!
    I know what you mean, when I get off schedule I'm exhausted for days. Glad you got the night shift, as you said before, it's associated with some really nasty illnesses. Better in the long run.

  2. Isn't it funny how panicky we get when we don't have *instant* access to information or email. When I was a child if we wanted to ring my grandmother in the UK we had to book the call ahead of time! And letters would take 3 or 4 weeks to get there!

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